dear mom, I need a puppy, Let Me Explain

dear mom, I need a puppy, Let Me Explain

Mom, I have always wanted a puppy but do you really know why?


Dear Mom,

Now, I know I have always asked you for a puppy and I have always wanted one since I was a little girl, but I'm not sure that I have ever really taken the time to really explain to you WHY I need a puppy (besides that one time in fourth grade when I made a whole PowerPoint trying to convince you to get a puppy and I still didn't get one). I am sure that you will be enlightened by what I have to say, and hopefully it will change your outlook on owning a little pup.

For starters, I will always have a friend!

It's kind of like having a sibling, they have no other choice than to be my friend. Do you ever think that sometimes I get lonely at school without you? Well worry no more, with my new puppy I will never be lonely! I will always have someone to go on runs with, always have someone to talk to, and always have someone to cuddle with.

All my roommates went home for the weekend? Don't worry I'm fine because I have my puppy to spend the whole weekend with! It's getting a little late out and I still have to go for a run? Don't worry my puppy will be right alongside me the whole time to make sure that nothing bad happens! I've had a really tough week at school and I just need someone to hug and cuddle with? Don't worry you don't have to drive seven hours to hug me because my puppy will! They are called a (Wo)man's best friend for a reason!

Not only will I always have a friend with me, Mom, but if you didn't already think I was responsible enough, having a puppy of my own will teach me even more responsibility! I'll have to train my puppy to have good house manners and how to be a polite pup! You think I can't do that? Well don't worry I can, because throughout all of elementary school I checked out library books on how to train pups so I've got this one in the bag!

I will also have to always make sure that my pup is fed and walked properly and groomed to perfection! You might be thinking that it would be a lot of responsibility to balance with all of my school work and extra-curricular activities, but instead it will just teach me even better time management skills! I really can't see a downside to learning how to be even more responsible.

Also, having a puppy of my own will also really help with all the stress that college puts on me.

My puppy will be my break I need from all of my school work! The pup will make me smile on days where I have been studying for hours and don't think that I can do it anymore, but with just one pet of my puppy I will be good to study for hours more! It's almost as if my puppy will be motivating me to do even better in school, sitting by my feet and making sure that I am always stress free and always able to be studying. I really think it would cause a HUGE decrease in my stress levels if I had a puppy of my own!

Now Mom, if those weren't good enough reasons for me to get a puppy then I don't know what you are thinking. Because have you seen them?!?! Puppies are just so cute and cuddly and bring so much joy and happiness to those around them. Their little fluffy bodies that run and jump around like it's always the best day of their lives! I need a fluffy friend in my life, and quite frankly you do too! I hope that you seriously consider that great benefits that would come out of me owning my own pup!


Your (favorite) daughter

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Don't you know girls go to the bathroom in packs?

Girls are all the same when it comes to going out and partying.

So when the weekend rolls around and all the girls get together to go out it's always the same routine. Many times it can feel like you're having deja vu when out because we always say the same stuff to each other, every damn time.

Here are 15 things us girls say to each other every time we go out:

1. "Can you come to the bathroom with me?"

2. "Is my hair a mess?"

3. "Omg, it's Chad from sigma Apple pi."

4. "I'm literally sweating."

5. "Omg, our song is on!"

6. "Can we get pizza after this?"

7. "Help me get this creep away."

8. "Do I look bad?"

9. "Is Chad talking to another girl!?"

10. "I will fight this girl if she pushes me again."

11. "Can you come with me to get another drink? "(Clearly, we can't do anything alone)

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8 Of My Favorite Self-Care Practices

It is important to remember to take time for yourself and do things that make you feel good, especially when life is getting you down.


At the start of every semester I always get incredibly overwhelmed trying to adjust to my classes, but when I remember to take time for myself my stress lessens. As students, a lot of times we forget that taking care of ourselves is just as important as getting good grades and making time for our friends. Practicing self-care is one way we can make sure we keep a balanced lifestyle.

1. Fake Tanning

I feel so much better and much more myself when I am tan. When the fall semester starts and it starts to get colder, it is hard to keep your summer glow. In order to stay my preferred color year round, I try to fake tan. I swear by Fake Bake Flawless Darker for a natural golden brown tan. This video talks about a plethora of other fake tans, some which are more of a red and some that are more of a yellow, so if you want to find a color that is best for you, I recommend watching this video.

Not only does fake tanning make me feel good, but I also find the process of fake tanning very relaxing. It all starts by exfoliating in the shower. Having soft smooth skin is so nice and it leaves you with a great base to tan.

Whenever I am feeling bad about myself or I am stressed out over school, self-tanning always has a way of making me feel like a new happier, healthier, and prettier person.

2. Crafting

When I was in high school, I used to draw all the time to de-stress. While I still love to draw, I have found that creating other crafts brings me the same kind of relaxation. This is a plaque I made for my Big last semester. Making it was so much fun and took my mind off of all the stress I had pilling up from assignments and other commitments. Sometimes it is good to put your energy into crafting because it is an excellent emotional outlet.

3. Working Out

Whenever I have any negative energy I really love working out because afterwards everything bad you were feeling before is replaced by endorphins. It is almost like pressing a reset button on your mood. Please enjoy this photo of my dog licking the sweat off my face mid workout.

4. Eating a Pint of Ben & Jerry's

This is 100 percent my roommate and I's favorite thing to do whenever anything bad happens in our lives. Whether we bomb a test, get into a fight with our friends, or are just feeling sad, we always break out a pint of ice cream and eat away our feelings. My go-to flavor is the Tonight Dough.

5. Online Shopping (but not buying anything)

Nothing relaxes me more than putting hundreds of dollars worth of clothing into a shopping cart and then closing the tab.

6. Putting on Makeup

Look good, feel good am I right? While not everyone likes wearing makeup, I find the process of putting on makeup very relaxing. 9/10 I will put makeup on to go out and just stay in instead, but my makeup will look so good I will feel on top of the world. There is nothing that a good foundation and fake eyelashes can't cure.

7. Listening to Music in the Shower

I will literally spend an hour in the shower jamming out to my shower playlist. Showers are relaxing, music is relaxing, and combining the two just makes everything all better.

8. Binge Watching TV

Sometimes it is nice to escape into a different world for a little while.

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