The Process Of Discovering New Music
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The Process Of Discovering New Music

When you find a new artist you fall head-over-heels for, it's all over.

The Process Of Discovering New Music
Tune Rise

It’s inevitable that we all find new music and artists every once in awhile. Whether it’s over the radio, TV, or just word of mouth, there’s always something new coming into our lives musically. I recently fell for a band (I’ll save that story for another day.) While struggling to learn everything about them and their music these past 5 days (it will be one week on Monday,) I realized the process to getting into a new artist. No matter if it takes a couple days or a couple months, it always seems to go down in this order. Here’s the procedure for discovering new musicians:

1. “Well, shit.”

It’s said in a tone that expresses both happiness and annoyance. Even if you thought you wouldn’t find an artist to top your favorite before, you manage to bring a new one into your life. Whether they now hold the top rank for a short while or you’re committed for life, they’re going to be prominent while you learn their music and story.

2. Music videos and more music videos

This is how you actually confirm that you’re into this artist. By watching multiple music videos, you not only hear the song, but you see the artist’s style and aesthetics. Granted, you may not care for music videos and just go straight for music on iTunes or Spotify. But the best confirmation method is approving everything with the simple click of a YouTube link.

3. “Okay, but which one is that again?”

If the new artist you’re into is a solo act or duo, you’re lucky. The band I recently got into has 7 members and that first day, I couldn’t tell anyone apart (mostly because I was still learning their names.) It takes time and commitment to decipher bandmates from one another, but if you keep at it, it’s really not too hard. I look back now and laugh since I can easily pick out each member by the sound of their voice. It takes patience. Also, if you really struggle, google the band or “how to tell each member apart” and there’s bound to be fan pages that will take you through a guide to each member and tell you things about them you’d never expect to know (I did and it was super helpful!) Wikipedia was super helpful for me.

4. Interviews and funny moments

This may be more because I’m a total fangirl at heart, but once I know the music and I can point out each person by name, I tend to go on a spree and watch any collection of band/band member funny moments I can find. This includes interviews, tour videos, personal videos, photoshoots, etc. The emotional rollercoaster really drains your energy, so make sure you take care of your priorities before diving in. Luckily, I’m not crammed with homework, so I have a lot of time during the day to commit to this. Remember, your education is always more important than learning a musician’s favorite color. (Although I know this band really likes the color black collectively.)

5. Picking your favorite/bias/#1

Once again, I’m a total fangirl at heart; this means I always – and I mean always – have a favorite member of a group. It’s like a smack in the face and as soon as I see that first video, it’s almost always the first person who really catches my attention. Granted, once you learn more about their personalities, you might change your mind. I usually find that with bands, there’s your favorite (the one you love with all your heart) and the one you relate to the most. They could be the same person, but it’s not weird to have two or more different members be your favorite – it’s for different reasons! Having a favorite means specifically watching videos just about them and saving pictures as you casually drown in your own love for them. Have fun!

6. Changing your social media profiles/constant artist-related posts

Oh boy. I definitely went a little crazy with this one. Once you’re in it for the long run, you add the artist to your social media profiles (if you put your interests in your bios – otherwise this might not affect you.) You’ve dug yourself into a deep pit and you’re never climbing out, right? So why not make it official and tell everyone about it? This means constant tweets, snaps, status updates of song lyrics or casual reminders that you would die for this artist (too extreme?) If you need an example of all of this, check out my twitter to see my emotional breakdowns over my new phase in music!

7. Never shutting up about it

GUILTY! They’re all you talk about (once again, if you don’t really “fangirl” over an artist, then this might not apply as heavily to you.) I personally feel regret sometimes when I talk about a new band too much to my friends. They might not mean to, but you notice the annoyance in their tone when you gush about them whether they actually are PO-ed or not. Good friends will support your music taste and sit through your rambles whether they like the artist or not. Just try to be considerate about how much you bring it up; know that just because this is your number one interest right now that you should still focus on other interests in your life – especially the ones you share with friends.

8. Slowly sliding into the fandom

This basically means that after your week or month of complete chaos trying to figure your new life out, you settle in with your new “family.” Other fans are just as committed and passionate as you are and are more than likely willing to welcome you with open arms. Some fandoms get a little crazy, but know that this doesn’t apply to everyone who likes that artist (cough, cough directioners.) Soon, you’ll be there for new singles, album releases, photoshoots, tours, and everything in between! Enjoy the crazy ride and most importantly, enjoy the music!

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