At this point, I'm sure everyone has heard of podcasts. They've swept the world by storm and it's often harder to find someone who hasn't listened to a podcast than someone who has. With so many different types of podcasts, there's one for whatever you may be interested in. There's even a podcast that reviews each episode of The OC!

1. There is a variety of podcast genres.


As I mentioned, podcasts come in all shapes and sizes. From storytelling to business podcasts, one is sure to find a podcast that tickles their fancy. For someone trying to get into podcasts, I would recommend looking into famous people you follow because these days a lot of celebrities host their own podcasts. A celebrity podcast I really enjoy is Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness of Queer Eye. It's both entertaining and educational!

2. Podcasts keep you in the loop, and then some.


While mostly for entertainment purposes, some podcasts keep you educated on new and interesting topics. For example, NPR's Hidden Brain discusses different topics related to human behavior in each episode. Personally, it's one of my favorite podcasts. The show is done in a way that helps teach you about a new topic but in an engaging and creative manner. Even though the podcast has a specific theme, each episode has its own unique character and talking points.

3. They're genuinely entertaining.


When I first started listening to podcasts, I was interning at my mom's office. I would work eight hours a day essentially scanning and shredding piles of paper. To help pass the time, I would listen to music but I would inevitably grow tired of cycling through my playlists. Podcasts were my way of keeping me entertained in those monotonous moments. The first real podcast that I think I listened to was Cody Ko's, Insanely Chill. I soon found myself increasingly listening to this podcast and many others outside of work. I was pretty much sold on the concept.

4. It's like listening to the radio but better.


Firstly, I am not hating on radio talk shows. Sometimes you want to tune into NPR and just relax. However, with podcasts, people play more of a role in what content they consume. In the same way that streaming services have diminished the need for radio music, podcasts have impacted the way I consume radio content. I would much rather be able to choose what topic I want to listen to than to leave it to chance whenever I turn on the radio. Also, fewer commercials are played between segments in a podcast than on the radio.

5. They provide a sort of therapy when I'm stressed out.


Looking at my recently listened to podcasts, I've really been enjoying advice podcasts. Listeners can call or email with a problem they're dealing with that the podcaster(s) can then help advise them on how to tackle. One of my favorite advice podcasts, If I Were You, is hosted by former College Humor duo Jake and Amir. While not all of their advice is applicable to me, their comedic flair keeps me listening. From their unique theme songs and special anecdotes, this podcast always puts me in a better mood. Although, I don't think you should rely on podcasts as your sole advisor.

The great thing about there being so many podcasts out there means a lot of topics and genres are covered. So if none of the above interested you, there's probably one out there that would better suit your tastes and interests. While I've provided a sort of guide on how to get into podcasts, it's entirely up to the consumer to find a podcast that works for them.