You Can Be Christian AND Pro-Choice
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Hello, Nice To Meet You, I'm A Christian AND I'm Also Pro-Choice

And the saddest part about this article is all the hate I'll get from other Christians.


Before you jump to the comments and start the "killing babies is wrong" spiel, hear me out.

So I happily fall into the "millennial" generation. Not the iPhone dependent, snowflake, the economy-wrecking group you like to call us, but the hard-working, open-minded, accepting generation who work their asses off to survive in a failing economy, corrupt government, and dying Earth. But don't let that sway your opinion of me or the credibility of my thoughts.

Instead, let that show that I--for the most part--represent a whole new generation of people who can think outside of themselves and of the hundreds of thousands of other people in this world. Which is one of the many reasons I'm Pro-Choice. And I'm Christian, too.

Now in case you weren't familiar, the United States was founded hundreds of years ago by a bunch of middle-aged European men in high-waisted pants. "America," as we know her, wasn't even a thing yet and most of the people that were there were mainly from England, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. Yes, we were founded as a Christian nation, but that's just because that was the most popular religion among the people who were there first.

Now we live in this beautiful melting pot of so many different people with so many different nationalities, races, cultures, and religions. And it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. So while myself and other Jesus-lovers know that killing is wrong, why should the belief of our religion be the one that is made law? Why should other people, who don't believe the same way we do, have to follow the same standards? Seems pretty ignorant of all the other cultures/religions out there if you ask me. What if we were founded as a non-Christian nation? What if your moral choice was taken away?

Which is where the whole Pro-Choice stance comes in. The freedom to chose. We get to act based on our beliefs and the other billions of women out there get to choose based on theirs. Everybody wins.

Which begs the question, why do other Christians have to be so outspoken about their Pro-Choice stance? If you don't want to kill babies, then don't. That's your choice. Who are you to take away that choice from someone else? And who is the government to take that choice away? That's way too much control to put into the hands of a corrupt system. Women should be able to choose what happens to their own bodies. Obviously.

It reminds me of when the Church spoke out against homosexuality. They slandered and turned away a whole society of people when they could have sat quietly and kept the Church an open place for them to come and love Jesus. Just like our fellow Christians screaming and spitting on women outside abortion clinics and Planned Parenthoods in God's name.

A Day Outside One Of New York State's Largest Abortion Clinics "God will avenge the death of His children."

And if our goal, truly, is to bring more people to Jesus, then telling them they're wrong and aggressively judging their choices is not the way to do it. It turns off and excludes a magnitude of people who maybe need Jesus.

I think sometimes we forget that the greatest commandment is to love. I hate that Christians have become this huge, ugly monstrosity known for their judgment and hate. Who would want to know about our loving, forgiving Jesus when we're slandering other people in his name? Maybe we should try this unconditional love thing. And if someone asks our biblical opinion, then we give it. Screaming it in other people's faces doesn't much reflect Jesus's grace that I'm so grateful for.

Instead, let's all try to be open-minded like my lovely generation, and remember that there are other people out there in the world that don't always think the same way you do.

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