I Prayed For God To Take Away My Feelings of Loneliness, And He Gave Me More Than An Answer To My Prayers

I Prayed For God To Take Away My Feelings of Loneliness, And He Gave Me More Than An Answer To My Prayers

Sometimes you just have to put your pride aside and fall at the feet of Jesus.


After moving into my studio apartment at the beginning of my senior year of college, I began to feel very isolated and lonely. I had always had roommates, so living by myself was a little bit of an adjustment. I was so excited to have my own space and to not have any roommate drama that I forgot about how quiet my life was about to become.

I have always been a pretty social person, so I never really had an issue with loneliness until then. Weekdays were usually pretty busy for me, especially Monday through Wednesday. Then, Thursday and Friday came along and my schedule became a little more clear. But, once the weekend hit, I was getting hit with major feelings of loneliness.

I missed having roommates to talk to, and since I wasn't much of a party-er like my other friends, I was left with not a whole lot to do.

So I did the one thing I always do when things aren't going my way: I feel bad for myself and compare my night to everyone else's night that I saw on Instagram.

And then I realized this made me feel like shit. So, I did the one thing I knew I should have done from the very beginning.


I let it all out to God. I told Him everything I was feeling, and He listened. I wanted to not feel lonely anymore, and he gave me more than just an answer to my prayers.

He gave me friends that will last a whole lifetime. He taught me that friends can sometimes come from the strangest of places (like your physics class) and that the only way to find them is to get out of your comfort zone.

He also reminded me that I am allowed to talk about my problems with my friends, so I did, and I learned that I was not the only one feeling lonely. From something that I thought was my fault turned out to be a normal occurrence for everyone.

It wasn't until a few weeks later that I remembered the prayer I prayed to God to take away my feelings of loneliness.

He reminded me of His goodness and love for me. And I think that simple reminder was how I got out of my pit.

If you are ever feeling lonely or just want someone to talk to, put your pride aside and pray to the Maker of heaven and earth. He already knows everything you are feeling, You just have to let yourself be vulnerable and talk to Him about it.

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