The Changes of College

Sitting here today on Dead Day, now realizing that I am finishing up my first year of college, six hours away from home, I am in awe of how fast this year went by. Ten months of my life have just flown by as if it was only a few weeks. They told me that it was going to do this, but just like I did in high school, I didn't believe them and now here I am.

Honestly, I can say that this has been one of the most eventful crazy rollercoasters of emotions and life moments that I would never change. Walking into college, not knowing what to do or expect I was in for more surprises that could count. But don't take this the wrong way! Regardless of how good or bad these surprises may have been, they made this year one to remember. I made friends that I will have forever and memories that I will cherish and hold close to my heart no matter where life takes me. I have seen myself overcomes mental and physical challenges that I could've never imagined dealing with. I've learned things about myself and others that have brought me a new way to look at things.

If you would have told me back in August that I would've seen, done, and met half of the people and things that I have I can 100% say that there is no way, I don't believe it. Here I am about to pack up my dorm looking back at my first year of college and being a collegiate athlete like wow, that happened. I know that I am just a freshman, but it is still such a surreal moment to think such a long-awaited period of my life has come and gone so quickly. Your first year at college, whether you are close to home or thousands of miles away is something that you will always remember and have stories that you will never stop telling. Something about this year has shown me a new light to things that I wasn't expecting, but I am more than glad that they did.

To anyone that is going into their freshman year this fall thinking that you've got it all figured out, I mean this in the most helpful way possible you don't, but that's a good thing! College is the time for you to learn about yourself and other people and even just life in general. Find the things that excite you and don't hold back!

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