Poetry on Odyssey: One Day And Coffee And Piece
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Here’s two of my poems!

One Day 

One day it'll all make sense

All the tears, heartache, disappointment

One day it'll get better

But for now allow the tears to come

Let it wash away the pain

Cry until you have nothing left

Go outside and breathe

Remind yourself of all the beautiful things

Of what it means to be alive

Write a list

Recite it every day

Memorize it until it becomes your truth

And then one day

you're up, off the floor

Making the changes

Seeing the world

Become a little better

Coffee and Piece 

Sit and stay awhile

In the coffee pot of my mind

Enjoy the bitter taste of blackness

A hint of cream to make it just a little sweeter

Add sugar to taste

So it fits your pallet just right

Craft and brew me

Until I become the creation you so desperately need

And I understand if you need to add

the milk and cream and sugar and syrup

Not everyone can handle the true form, the simplicity

Of a cultivated roast

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