Poetry On Odyssey: Hollywood's Depression
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Poetry On Odyssey: Hollywood's Depression

A poem on fiction and reality.

Poetry On Odyssey: Hollywood's Depression
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I once asked Hollywood what depression looked like

Okay, maybe I didn't ask, but they, like most not-depressed people, answered anyway

They said, "Depression is a black hole.

It is dark clothing, scarred wrists, no friends, and suicide notes.

It does nothing because it pushes you onto your bed of sadness.

It is obvious and bullied because who wouldn't pick on the 'emo' kid?

Depression is serious and it all looks like this."

Now I don't normally laugh at depression but this one had me rolling.

You see, Hollywood may be on to something here, it really may

But it whitewashed depression just like it does history.

Maybe not as bad but let me tell you what I know about depression.

Depression is a varied wardrobe with tie-dye t-shirts and pink-patterned blouses.

It can be compared to sticking a bare arm into a box with a cat:

Some will leave with claw marks while others go untouched.

Depression is surrounded by loved ones or alone in a bedroom.

It clings to your hair like the smell of smoke

It doesn't care if you're alone or among friends.

Depression is laughter heard in every room no matter what

It can be heard over stories and music, regardless of either's genre.

Depression is often busy like a mother of three.

Some people see it as overwhelming to keep up with

While others find the lack of free time to be sacred.

Depression isn't selective in who it possesses.

It can be popular and well-like and spoken of often.

Like a scavenging raccoon, it is not picky on which body it decides to enter.

See, depression is not like cheap rubber gloves labeled "one size fits all."

It is like the sky we often admire and look towards:

It can be dark and stormy and intimidating

Like the yellowed wall before a tornado,

Or it can be soft pinks and blues above a horizon

That hides imperfections with indescribable visual beauty.

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