Poetry-On-Odyssey:-Death-Of -Depression

See it started out so innocent

Suppressing emotions and shit

Then it led to hiding things from within

Maybe then I should have taken the hint

It built over time

Slowly brewing away

It had a mind

It knew what it was doing

It knew how deadly it could be

So, it prepared itself to attack me

It came innocently

I swallowed it whole

Surprisingly, it wasn't hard to swallow

Maybe then I should have taken the hint

Everyone called it depression the beast

Yet, I called it



And so much more

It tore me away

Bit by bit

Almost strategically

And I sat there like an idiot and watched it

Maybe then I should have taken the hint

Never have I felt so hopeless

So clueless

Yet one day I woke up

And finally took the hint

I knew it was killing me

So, I made a plan to kill it

I used my thoughts as knives

Looked it in the eye

And stabbed depression the beast

All the anger I had

I let go of it in one blow.

I managed to murder it.

I then washed my hands

Washed off all the pain

and all the tears that I had cried


I told myself that day

I never would miss the hints ever again.

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