9 Plants That Will Turn Your Garden Into A Summer Rainbow
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9 Plants That Will Turn Your Garden Into A Summer Rainbow

Whether you're a master gardener with a green thumb or just looking to spice up your yard, these plants are perfect for adding color to your summer.

9 Plants That Will Turn Your Garden Into A Summer Rainbow
Public Domain Pictures / Kevin Phillips

The temperatures are beginning to rise and flowers are starting to bloom. That means it is time to start figuring out what plants to put in your garden this year. With such an incredible array of flowers to be found it can be hard to decide what to choose. So, I have picked out a few of my favorites that will add color to your garden this summer and thrive in the full sun.

1. Zinnias

Zinnias are some of the brightest annual flowers that I have ever seen but are also some of the easiest summer annuals to care for because of their resistance to heat and drought. You can buy them in spring as seeds or get them already grown.

Either way they will thrive in the garden in well-drained soil with a good amount of sunlight, attracting lots of butterflies to your garden. As a bonus, the seeds are easy to harvest, so you can plant them year after year!

2. Gerbera Daisies

These sun loving plants come in a variety of different colors and have beautiful large blooms. Beauty can be challenging however, these plants need almost perfect conditions to survive more than a month and are very vulnerable to disease and rot. Sandy well draining soil is a must in order to grow these incredible plants, and if you are able to keep them alive, you will love them.

3. Caladiums (Elephant Ear)

The giant colored leaves on the Elephant Ear Caladiums are sure to bring color to the shadier areas of your garden, such as a shaded patio or a flower bed under a tree. For best results with these, keep the soil slightly moist and feed them with a slow release fertilizer.

While they can go dormant in the winter in tropical areas, for the majority of North Americans the plants will need to be dug up and brought in during the winter to prevent them from dying completely.

4. Geraniums

Geraniums are a summer flower that works well in warmer climates, typically zones 10 and 11. They need plenty of watering especially in the very hot days of the summer, daily watering will be necessary. However they can also be planted indoors, provided they have enough sunlight.

5. New Guinea Impatiens

Known for their large vibrant flowers, New Guinea Impatiens are very popular among gardeners this year. These Impatiens grow best in afternoon or morning sun, with moist soil.

6. Wax Begonias

The red-purple leaves of Wax Begonias compliment other darker colored plants like Caladiums very well but can stand alone in a flower bed and look beautiful. Wax Begonias benefit from moist soil and full bright sun. These plants are fairly easy to grow indoors and out!

7. Strawberries

Nothing is more refreshing than picking your own berries on a hot summer day and strawberries grow very well in summer sun and heat.

Strawberry plants require a good amount of water when potted and a fair amount when in the ground. There are two types of strawberry plants, ever-bearing and June-bearing. The ever-bearing produce berries year round while June-bearing only bloom in the summer. For a sweet treat take some of your strawberries and put a little bit of honeysuckle nectar on them to sweeten them up.

8. Daylilies

Daylily is another exotic looking plant that will thrive in a wide range of conditions. The long tall green leaves and the glowing flowers look great on their own and are good as a border around a walkway or patio.

9. Hibiscus

Last but not least the Hibiscus plant will make your garden transform into a tropical paradise. Whether you plant your Hibiscus in a container or in the ground it will need full sun, warm temperatures and lots of water when in bloom. This plant will continue to grow year after year so make sure to bring it inside in the winter in order to keep it strong and healthy for next summer!

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