10 Great Places To Eat In Louisville, KY

If there's one thing Louisville does well, besides horse racing (the Kentucky Derby 2020 is way too far away), it's quality food. Besides hosting dozens of the best chains from across the nation, the city offers unique and delicious restaurants in just about every type of meal. From Italian to Mexican, classic American and southern dishes, Louisville has it all. In addition to the food being impeccable, the atmospheres of the restaurants and environments of the coffee shops in the Ville are well above par. There's only so much space in an article, and far too many amazing places to highlight, so without further ado, here are ten great places to eat in Louisville, Kentucky.

1. Grassa Gramma

grassa gramma

A new Italian restaurant, Grassa Gramma's historical feel and excellent food make for an entertaining and satisfying experience.

2. Garage Bar

garage bar

With indoor and outdoor seating, Garage Bar in Nulu hosts a fun atmosphere for summer nights, with the addition of ping pong.

3. Safai


A coffee shop in the Highlands offering quality coffee and lattes, as well as crepes. Cozy environment to meet up with friends and is open late for night owls looking for a spot to work.

4. Taco Luchador

taco luchador

High-quality and great tasting Mexican food, with multiple locations in the Highlands, St. Matthews, and downtown.

5. HopCat


A fun atmosphere, with a rooftop overlooking the Highlands in Louisville. High-quality food, with a variety of options, from salads and sandwiches to fish and chips. A back room for private parties adds a useful element to the restaurant.

6. 8UP: Elevated Drinkery and Kitchen

8up elevated drinkery and kitchen

A fun restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating, all on top of a building in Louisville, which offers exceptional views — this one is a city staple.

7. Ramsi's Cafe on the World

ramsis cafe on the world

A delicious and highly-rated restaurant, Ramsi's Cafe on the World offers exotic meals from all over the globe, and the building itself only adds to its appeal.

8. First Watch

first watch

While it may not have been started in Louisville, this brunch spot has multiple locations in Louisville, and its welcoming atmosphere and high-quality food keep business going strong.

9. Captains Quarters

captains quarters

A classic summer spot in Louisville offering seafood and American, with great views and good food. Great for groups!

10.  Royals Hot Chicken

royals hot chicken

Last, but definitely not least, Royals Hot Chicken offers delicious food, perfect for any season.

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