The Poconos covers a large stretch, and has plenty to do, especially during the summer time! If you're a native to this area, you already know which spots people will be at, which is a blessing and a curse. So, here are a few popular spots to hit up during summer break!

1. Gabel's

I can guarantee you that if you went to Pocono Mountain East High school, you know what Gabels' is, and you WILL run into someone you know there. It's the most popular meet up spot for people during the summer, and the ice cream is bomb!

2. Big Star

Big Star is in Stroudsburg's territory, but they have the BEST comet's ever that are worth the drive!

3. Camelback

If you want to do something outdoors Camelback is a popular spot to go hiking, and they have the largest waterpark in Pennsylvania.

4. Skytop

If you think Camelback is too touristy, a lot of people go hiking on Skytop's trails! It has beautiful scenery, and leads to a waterfall!

5. The Crossings Premium Outlets

Because the only mall in the area is the Stroudsburg Mall (which everyone knows is a pathetic excuse for a mall) people always shop at the Crossings Premium Outlets. They have every store imaginable, and the sales are great!

6. The Bars on Main Street

If you're 21, this is definitely the happening spot on Friday and Saturday nights. But, beware, it will be a reunion for all of the surrounding high schools, especially at Marita's and Philly Pub.

7. Mt. Airy

If you are of age, the Mt. Airy Casino Resort is definitely a fun spot to hit. There's gambling, restaurants, and even concerts!

8. Montage Mountain

If you like country music, Montage Moutain is always a good spot for a concert. People always tailgate starting at 12 pm, and make a day out of it.