Our Musial Connection Only Grows Stronger, Thanks To Technology

Our Musial Connection Only Grows Stronger, Thanks To Technology

Although phones do prove to be a detriment to society and human interaction, the ability to listen to music on the go, no matter the place, has improved the lives of many.


We've all experienced first-hand how much of a negative impact phones have on social interactions between people in modern society. If you feel as though you haven't experienced this, a quick look in the mirror may quickly change your perspective. Despite this negative impact, phones and music technologies alike have created a way for people to listen to music wherever they are, whenever they please. Due to this, phones have also improved the lives of many people.

The ability to listen to any song at any time allows people to enter a dreamy state in the midst of a seemingly mundane occurrence. A commute to work is elevated by listening to a song that makes you feel motivated. A walk through the park becomes even more tranquil as you listen to a song that puts your mind at ease and your worries on the backburner. It is because of phones that this elevation of mood and environment is possible.

A common complaint about the overuse of phones is that people don't take in their surroundings and enjoy the world around them. While I do understand and support this perspective, I do contrarily understand that when simply listening to music via headphones, the user is still able to take in the world around them and may even get more out of their surroundings because of their phone and the music playing off of their favorite playlist.

Every rose has its thorns but underneath all the thorns remains a rose. Phones have much more negatives than positives in my opinion, however, I have no issue acknowledging the upsides of phones as well. If listening to music wherever, whenever is the rose of having a phone, then the thorns of having a phone seem a bit more tolerable.

There is no issue with enjoying the upsides of having a phone at your leisure, as long as there is some recognition of the negative impacts they can have on you. Excusal of my cynicism in relation to phones is necessary when the topic of music on the go is at hand.

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