8 Quotes From Phoebe Buffay That Perfectly Describe College Life
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Student Life

8 Quotes From Phoebe Buffay That Perfectly Describe College Life

"Friends" is an iconic sitcom that relates to the lives of almost anyone but Phoebe is usually a bit out there until we truly listen to what she is trying to tell us.

8 Quotes From Phoebe Buffay That Perfectly Describe College Life

The hit T.V. sitcom "Friends" is known for its variety of characters that each add a unique twist to the friend group. We can only hope that one day we will have the same experience as they do in the show. For now, I just rewatch the entire series until I can practically recite it backward.

1. When you have no idea what you are doing with your life.


We have all be there when we have no idea where to start so instead of being proactive we sit by and hope for the best. Phoebe does an amazing job of going with the flow, even when things might end up with a huge disaster. Don't we all wish we could be as easy-going as she is?

2. When you need to get out of something you don't want to do.


Okay, I am so bad when it comes to putting my foot down and just saying "no" to things I do not want to do. Maybe I am just too nice or something but Phoebe hit the nail right on the head. While this quote starts by sounding like an innocent excuse, she gets right to the point with it in the end.

3. When someone you know gets engaged.


For those that are not that acquainted with the show-or marine life for that matter-Phoebe explains an oh-so-obvious fact that lobsters mate for life. So when all your friends are getting engaged due to #weddingseason you can jump on board by throwing this fact out there. Not only will you sound smart, but you will also be able to make light of your sad love life.

4. When you are told something you already knew.


We all have those friend groups where the news spreads like wildfire from one to the next before you have even had a chance to hear it from the person first-hand. So when your friend finally gets around to telling you last this is a great line to throw out there like you had no idea what was going on the whole time.

5. When you are in need of some good karma.


Ah, good ole' karma is here to tell you when you have really screwed up. It is best to just be that person in your friend group that creates peace, especially when there are sides involved. Here's the deal, whether or not you believe in karma it is true that what comes around goes around. We all have good and bad parts of life but we should always do our best to put more goodness to the world.

6. For all those girls after a MRS degree.


There is nothing wrong at all with wanting to find a significant other in college but when that is your main purpose for being in college you might want to reevaluate your goals in life. That is an expensive marriage if you think about the actual cost of a college degree. This quote could go the other way and mark a time when you start trying to "settle down" or "adult" since you are oh so old as a mere 21-year-old. Just make sure to give yourself some time to be a young adult so you don't end up in Ross's situation of three divorces.

7. When everyone around you is on their phone.


One of my biggest pet peeves is when others are on their phones at dinner or while you are trying to spend time with them. WE live in such a high-tech social world where there is little in-person contact without the use of a screen. But hey, everyone is guilty of being a part of this society since we have kinda been ingrained to function with technology. I personally am a huge fan of the game where everyone puts their phone in the middle of the dinner table and whoever checks their phone first pays the ticket.

8. For those times you're studying for an exam.

Lisa Kudrow Friends GIF - Find & Share on GIPHYGiphy

This example may be a bit dramatic but hey death and studying for exams are kind of in the same category if you really think about it. Five minutes of studying feels like a whole week sometimes and I can't say it is too enjoyable to sit quietly and torture yourself. Some days school can be really hard and boring but hey your GPA lasts forever even if you may not.

Phoebe makes some great points during the show even if she is a bit out there most of the time. Maybe that is why Monica lets her stick around because it is definitely not due to her fabulous fashion statements like Rachel.

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