23 Ways That Phoebe Buffay Perfectly Embodies Every College Student, Even Without A "Pla"
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23 Ways That Phoebe Buffay Perfectly Embodies Every College Student, Even Without A "Pla"

Phoebe Buffay is our spirit animal.

23 Ways That Phoebe Buffay Perfectly Embodies Every College Student, Even Without A "Pla"

Phoebe Buffay in "Friends" is the embodiment of all of us college students. From her silly, inexplicable sayings to her intense emotions, we can all identify with the Phoebe within us.

As we are all maturing and finding our independent, individualized paths, we make mistakes, learn about who we are, mature and reach milestones, say stupid things, and get angry— throughout the television show, Phoebe does the same.

To put it simply: Phoebe Buffay is our spirit animal, and here are 23 ways how.

1. Hearing gossip

Rumors go around and you're bound to hear something, but, of course, you have to pretend to be shocked when the person that the rumor is about finally confesses to you their story.

2. Fire drills

Being woken up at 2 a.m. and somehow getting outside to be shocked with your peers in their underwear. Listen, I love my lingerie, but not everyone has to witness it...I'm not a Victoria's Secret model...yet.

3. Breakups

Phoebe Buffay defines his/her love perfectly. There is no more discussion needed.

4. Pep talks

Did you just have a self-deprecating thought?! Your friends will not let that stand; hence, a pep talk is on the way: You're amazing and you have all the strength, confidence, and ability to endure and accomplish it all. You're beautiful and to conquer the day, you have to believe in yourself.

Let me see that smile. Let me see you stand straight. Let me see that mature adult that you are!

5. Homework

After spending hours "listening" to a lecture all you want to do is nap, but for some reason professors expect you to do homework.

6. Mornings

Every morning is a battle. As the sun rises and our alarms never shut up after hitting snooze a billion times, our groggy bodies fall out of bed.

7. Meeting new people

The college community harbors a diverse community enriched with culture, new ideas, and diversity.

8. Professors

There are some we love and some we despise. Hopefully, this semester is filled with only the loved ones.

9. College parties

Don't get me wrong, we all love to have a good time, but sometimes the repetitive frat parties can get sickening. There are times that all we want to do is stay in bed and stuff our faces with junk while we binge watch something on Netflix.

10. Flirting

Is there a book we can read on the dos and don'ts? 101 ways to flirt? How not to say something stupid when a boy compliments you?

11. Just took a nap

I love napping, best free activity to do. When I wake up from a deep, quick two-hour slumber, I am as energetic, perky as can be! I will dance and embarrass my friends all I want! This does not include the naps where you wake up wanting to nap some more.

12. More homework

Have you ever finally finished the paper you had to write to be shocked by an email from the same professor claiming that MORE work has been uploaded for you to accomplish for the next day?

13. Favors

No, no, no, please no. I can't even do things for myself, now you want me to do something for you?

14. Trying to get a friend's attention in class

"So close yet so far away! The only way I can get her attention is by coughing up a storm"

**fake coughs one too many times**

"Why must everyone, but my friend turn around?!"

15. Clean-up time

Cleaning up your room when it becomes unbearable...come to think of it, I should probably pick up all the empty water bottles I have lying around.

16. Finally getting a grade you think you deserve

I mean at least a "C" isn't failing!

17. Food, food, and more food

Comfort eating? Yeah... never heard of it.

18. Bored... so bored

You just have nothing to do except for singing nonsensical songs about smelly cats.

19. Sending nudes

We may have all done it at one point, but remember to be careful, be smart, be cautious! If you're not comfortable, say, "No!"

20. Depression days (AKA stay in bed all day)

We've all had those days where we aren't getting out of bed, opening the shades, or talking to people except for the grunts we give to respond to your roommate.

21. Feeling yourself

Confident?! You know it! These days are the best: you finally dress up, fix finally washed hair, and finally use that new makeup pallet!

22. Waiting until the last minute

You could've sworn you had months to do the final project just yesterday, but you blinked and it's due in 10 hours. Good luck!

23. Late night conversations with the roomies

The moon is glaring, everyone sits on the floor on the circle, and we begin disclosing the best and the worst.

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