Philanthropist Celebrities Deserve More Respect

Celebrities Who'd Rather Give Than Flaunt Their Riches Deserve More Respect

Giving back to those who need it is more important than holding up a rich image.


Wealth is an interesting thing. There are people out there making more money in one week than some people will make in their entire lives. There are people out there who are capable of getting whatever they want, whenever they want, while there are others who are working multiple jobs just to keep up with bills and support their families. The fact that some people can live such a lavish lifestyle while others struggle each and every day is astounding. Though, that is why so much respect should be given to those who are well off yet choose to help those who need it.

Some people are simply put in better circumstances than others. Of course, there are so many cases where people have worked incredibly hard for what they have, but there will still always be cases where certain people are born into a life with a better opportunity than others.

Those who choose to use their wealthy position to help those who need it should be highly respected. Instead of spending all of their money on materialistic objects and expensive vacations, they are choosing to pick up others that are stuck in a set of negative circumstances. While they are wealthy, high up individuals, they do not look at themselves as if they are better than anyone else. They rather offer up the perks of their position in order to have others live a more comfortable life.

Whether it be donating to victims of the California wildfires or coastal hurricanes, paying for vital medical treatments, or simply gifting necessary items to hardworking individuals, these are people that deserve so much respect.

These individuals are humble, helpful, and care about the wellbeing of others more than they care about holding onto a certain image. They do not broadcast their actions to make themselves look good, they simply do it because they would rather help than see others suffer.

I will always have a sense of respect for these people, whether they be celebrities, athletes, politicians, etc. They see their wealth as a position to help others and give back to those who need it. While these people are becoming few and far between, I am thankful there are people out there who would rather help others thrive than only fund a lavish lifestyle. If more upper-class citizens offered this kind of help, maybe we could reach a greater sense of peace.

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