Having Parents That Are Also Your Best Friend Is One Of Life’s Greatest Gifts
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Having Parents That Are Also Your Best Friend Is One Of Life’s Greatest Gifts

“I'm proud to have been raised in a way that makes me WANT to trust my kids.”

Having Parents That Are Also Your Best Friend Is One Of Life’s Greatest Gifts

Some people are fortunate enough to have a good relationship with their mom.

Some people are fortunate enough to have a good relationship with their dad.

I'm fortunate enough to have a great relationship with both.

Friends throughout High-school and college always complained to me about their parents. It could've been about something little like not letting them do what they wanted that coming weekend, or something a bit more drastic like not allowing them to date until they were 18 years old.

Whatever it was-no matter how big or small-I couldn't find any way to relate to them.

My parents were (and still are) freaking awesome.

And let's get one thing straight, right off the bat-it's not that my parent's didn't tell me no or discipline me when I needed it. I can assure you I had my fair share of “fun” punishments! My least favorite being allowing my brother to come in my room and sit with me for an hour just to pester me and mess all my stuff up. Anyways, I had a really, really solid relationship with both of my parents. Honesty was key for us, so trust then fell perfectly into place. If I wanted to go to a boy's house-I told them. If I wanted a boy in my room, it was an "Okay, door open, and if not, no more room."

There were boundaries set, always. That didn't mean I didn't make mistakes, and that also didn't mean they didn't either; we both did. But because I had such a close bond with my mom and with my dad, when I did screw up, they knew me well enough to never hold that against me or let it define my actual character in their minds.

I mean what kind of kid would I be if I never made a mistake?

And what kind of parent's (besides normal) would they be if they didn't either?

If they did something to upset me, I talked to them about it. I didn't hold it over their heads or try and disrespect them because I felt "they deserved it."

If you actually put in the effort, your relationship with your parents can be one of your favorites. As long as they put in that same amount of effort, respect, work, and trust. They were willing and able to grow with me-even if at times it was hard for them to adjust. I really think that's what it means to be a parent. I'm glad they passed on that lesson to me.

Now that I'm older, I see a lot of people wishing they could turn back time and be a better parent, or a better kid. This is one burden I'm thankful my family and I don't carry around with us. I feel lucky to know that no matter who finds a reason to leave my life, my parents never willingly would. This kind of relationship is the exact one I hope to have with my children someday.

You messed up? Okay cool, now tell me how you'll fix it and let's both move on from it.

You want to actually go out and be a teenager? Dates and all? Yes, I get it, but here are the ground rules.

You're pissed something didn't go your way and need time to cool off? Sweet, my door and ears are always open.

I'm proud to have been raised in a way that makes me WANT to trust my kids. To this day, my parents are still my "go to" people (along with my fiancé and brother). I wouldn't trade these relationships for a million friends, dollars, dogs, or burgers (just a few of my many favorite things).

My parent's give me advice no friend ever has. They talk to me with so much love and concern because they WANT me to succeed, but I'm their kid and if I don't, they wouldn't carry concern out of embarrassment…but because they'd know how much not succeeding would disappointment me.

How could I not feel like the luckiest girl ever?

There are days when I wish I could be someone else sometimes. Someone with a nicer house, more money, and a prettier face. My first reaction to that thought comes immediately after I think it-

"but I'd have different parents, and that would seriously suck."

You can talk to me about your "bratty" kids or "nagging" parents all you want. I will be that ear to listen and shoulder to lean on, but I can't promise I'll be the most reassuring person because this is one problem I'm happy to say I've never had.

And if you haven't caught the drift from this whole article-

My parent's are awesome as hell.

Blessed is an understatement.

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