I've been invited to my first "adult" New Year's party and I dare not be the only one not getting kissed at midnight.

Here's me:

So let us be real here, no one wants to go to a New Years party alone. I’d like to say I’m a pretty good date. My mom once said, “Just carry mistletoe because you never know when you’re going to need it,” so you can see I really am desperate.

I promise you'll have a wonderful time because I'm a hilarious individual and I ALWAYS keep it real.

I have included my Instagram: Pettybooks for more evidence of what I look like.

You may apply through Instagram or Twitter: diabeetusginger


- Must be single

- We have to actually get along


- No criminal record


- Got to know your limit

- Must be at least a 6 but no more than an 8, no one will believe anything higher

-You must be able to wear nice clothes, I'm not saying formal wear, but no basketball pants


- I have great hair

- Free beer

- It’s a party

- I'll be in a sparkly dress

- Can make new friends

Fun Facts:

- I will pay you in chicken nuggets

- You’re allowed one booty touch (accidental grazes count so watch your hands)

- You get to kiss meeeeeeee

So please come with me, Please?