Opening Doors to Different Worlds
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Opening Doors to Different Worlds

Traveling offers the opportunites to grow as a person, gain new ways of thinking, and discover the world in a new perspective

Opening Doors to Different Worlds

Why do people enjoy traveling to different countries? What is it that makes people try different foods, attempt to learn different languages, and dress themselves in cultural clothing? Is it because it’s interesting? Is it because there’s rich history underneath the threads of the fabric and tastes of the food?

Well to put it simply, it’s exciting and refreshing.

Many people live out their daily lives in a matter of repetition where each day feels mundane in nature and overtime, there’s a desire to change things up. It’s not easy to make the decision to go for drastic changes such as getting a new job or moving, but traveling is very much possible. When individuals travel, they open their eyes to a new world. In these worlds, people may speak different languages, eat different foods, work in different settings, and live different lifestyles! It’s all unique, different, and exciting. Just walking down a street opens one’s eyes to a fresh new perspective, makes them grow, and inspires them of the many more beauties to discover in the world.

Maybe in visiting France, you’ll learn that Parisians have a heavy emphasis on eating together and taking their time in doing so. In your job back home, you may have always been rushing. You wake up, run to get a coffee from Starbucks, work for hours, get a burger and a drink from McDonald’s, and rush back home with no time to slow down and enjoy the present. On the other hand, the French usually spend about two hours eating lunch in a very relaxed manner with the pleasure of company. On top of eating leisurely, they’ll accompany their meats and cheeses with a modest amount of red wine for the rich aroma and health benefits. It’s just a different culture.

Right next door to France lie Italy and Spain. These are both countries that are rich in art and home to some of the most stunning architecture in the world. The waterway network in Italy is unique and offers a more relaxing method of travel that allows for scenic commutes. With Italy being the birth of the Renaissance, you can expect to find many statues that combine the Greco-Roman art styles to create a balance of the ancient and modern history.

On the other side, Spain’s warm climate makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations and is a great break for those on the east coast in the United States. On top of the vibrant colors in its architecture, the beautiful culture of food, dance, and music make Spain one of the most exciting places for travel.

Maybe in visiting Japan, you walk through the streets of Shinjuku and wonder why besides the sounds of the train and cars, it is quiet when you are around others. Well, in Japan it is expected to speak very little and attract attention to yourself as doing the opposite is considered rude and impolite. In comparison, New Yorkers have earned labels of being impatient, rude, and aggressive due to the cultural differences between the United States and Japan. Eating in Japan offers many health benefits due to the freshness of sushi amongst others dishes. The climate varies but during the spring, the sakura blossoms are in full bloom with the country being showered in beautiful pink petals that are sure to raise hearts and brighten eyes.

India is home to some of the most ancient and riveting culture. With the warm weather and the presence of gorgeous architecture such as the Taj Mahal amongst many historical temples, India is surely a place to visit if you’re looking for a deep culture. Mongolian, Jain, and Islamic history has intertwined with India’s chronicles and offers a multi-faceted look into how the country became what is is today. With an assortment of spicy dishes and even more languages, the nation has become one of the most diverse countries in the world. Bollywood has allowed India to gain prominence in the film industry and the festive music and hundreds of different dance styles have made India a cultural icon.

Traveling and immersing yourself in language, food, and clothing offers a new and exciting experience. In many ways, you change and become more open-minded about the world around you. There are many things that we in America have picked up from the countries around us and it reminds us to be open to people and thank immigrants for what they have brought to the land of opportunity. Many times people who are drowning in their problems travel to get that breath of fresh air and to also grow as people.

We get to learn new things, appreciate different lifestyles, and value the things in our lives. That’s the beauty of entering these new worlds and becoming one with their culture - you become more enlightened and unlock many doors that remind you that the world is still very much beautiful.

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