A Letter to Baby Boomers
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An Open​ Response To Yet Another 'Millenials Are Awful' Facebook Post

Getting a bit old, baby-boomers. (no pun intended)

An Open​ Response To Yet Another 'Millenials Are Awful' Facebook Post

Original Post by an unknown author: The Problem With MILLENIALS

"Grandpa, How Did You People Live Before Without Technology, No Airplanes, No Internet, No Computers, No Air Cons, No Cars, No Mobile Phones?"

Grandpa Replied:

It's Just How Your Generations Live Today. No Prayers, No Compassion, No Honor, No Respect, No Character, No Shame.

We Who Were Born Between the '50s and '80s Are The Blessed Ones. Our Life is A Living Proof That While Playing and Riding Bicycles, We Never Wore Helmets. After School, We Played Until Dusk.

We Never Watched TV and We Played With Real Friends, Not Internet Friends. If We Ever Felt Thirsty, We Drank Tap Water Not Bottled Water.

We Never Got Ill Sharing The Same Glass Of Juice With Our Friends. We Never Gained Weight Eating Plates Of Rice every day.

Nothing Happened To Our Feet Despite Roaming Barefooted.

We Never Used Any Supplements To Keep Ourselves Healthy.

We Used To Create Our Own Toys and Play With Them. Our Parents Were Not Rich But They Gave Us Love...Not Worldly Material Things. We Never Had Cell Phones, DVDs, Play Stations, Xbox, Video Games, Personal Computers, Internet, But We Chat With Real Friends Not With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

We Visited Our Friends' Homes Uninvited and Enjoyed The Food With Them. Our Relatives Lived Close By So Family Time Was Enjoyed. We Had Black and White Photos But You Can Find A Lot Of Colorful Memories In Those Photos. We Are Unique and The Most Understanding Generations Because,



My Response: The Problem With PRE-MILLENNIALS


"Youngster, How Do Your People Live With No Prayers, No Compassion, No Honor, No Respect, No Character, No Shame."

The Youngster Replied :

Grandpa, I think you have a bit of a misunderstanding. First of all, it's a bit cold, dishonorable, disrespectful, characterless, and shameful to label a whole population raised by your own opinion.

Both our generations are living proof that the priorities, trends, and values of our culture continually change. For things to stay the same and remain stagnant would be incredibly ridiculous.

And Grandpa, I'm pretty sure we still ride bicycles. It's actually pretty dangerous to not wear a helmet, especially with the number of high-speed vehicles constructed in our time. After school, we cannot just play until dusk because our world and our communities have also become more dangerous. After school, most of us spend our time studying or engaging in extracurriculars as the intensity of education has risen and the competition to become admitted to college is increasing as well. To play until dusk is really unhealthy and a little unproductive, in my opinion.

I guess there's one thing we have in common. WE DON'T WATCH TV EITHER!

We have both real friends and internet friends and I guess that just makes our circle of a community bigger! Isn't it great that we are all able to stay connected from all over the world?

If you should feel thirsty, it's probably best that you drink filtered water which a lot of people don't have, actually. Bottled water is great, but it is actually our generation that has led the forefront to recyclable and reusable materials. Why? Well, you see. Older generations have trashed and littered this world so much that the millennials and those past the millennials may have no Earth to look forward to. I wonder which generation we can blame for that?

It's pretty astounding that you never got sick sharing the same glass with your friends. Your generation must have superpowers or something. In our generation, it's called basic hygiene.

I suppose you also have the superpower to not gain any weight and not get the soles of your feet burned too!

You see, we take extra caution for that now because some other generation decided to inject hormones into our food that intentionally leads to obesity and now there's a thing called global warming that some other generation caused. The cement would fry our feet before we even take five steps.

Also, I know you don't use any supplements because you have superpowers right?! Although I could have sworn I saw you taking Iron and Vitamin C. They're good for you! That's probably why my generation's life expectancy is increasing!

It's really great that you made your own toys! We also make our own toys. Except, they're called Apps, and guess what? They'll challenge your brain and make you more money than sticks and stones!

Our parents aren't really rich either, but it's probably this really bad economy that some other generation ruined.

I get it. You hate technology. I wonder how you got to type this and post this on Facebook if you hate it so much. I understand you didn't have the electronics that we do, now. But I wonder why you feel that it is a bad thing? As if it were disconnecting us more than connecting us. Do you not learn more from the things you see? Do you not keep up more from your friends across the globe? Do you not enjoy seeing pictures of your family even if they are away? Do you not love rewatching the same movie over and over because you have the ability to physically own it? Do you not like having access to the world's knowledge at the tip of your hands? Do you not enjoy texting your loved ones even if they are in another time zone? You see, our relatives and friends are not shoulder-to-shoulder anymore. I am saddened that we did not get to have that privilege. When they are able to join us via airplane, train, car, or even just through a video call, it is because of the technology that we have.

WE ARE UNIQUE AND WE UNDERSTAND that you may not be adjusted to change. However, please note that at one point, all generations stopped listening to their parents. At one point, all generations listened to their children. I hope that one day, you can find it in your heart to listen to us too.

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