Open Letter To Those Supporting Themselves Through College

You are not alone.

We spend most of our young lives contemplating what our profession will be; ballerina, astronaut, janitor- all are great professions and can be the dreams of many young boys and girls.

Then we grow up, we start to realize that our body isn't cut out for ballet, we really don't want to leave earth for extended periods of time, and the smell of bleach is not a very welcoming one.

We change our ideas- we adjust our dreams and we figure out what we excel at. Some love English and Shakespeare, others find joy in figuring out extended math equations, a couple decide that teaching others is their caking and so many more people figure out their dream.

College comes around, time to fill out applications and wait anxiously for hopefully an acceptance letter. If it does or doesn't come, that's not the point, the point is that you decide on somewhere.

That somewhere cost money and that somewhere promises your money will be wisely invested in their institution as they hope to have the opportunity to educate you and train you in a profession. You believe in their words and know that this institution will lead you to all you had ever hoped for.

What do you hope for? Student loans, wondering if your balance will get too high to register for classes, that maybe you can find another job to contribute to the debt that is accumulating?

College is not free in America and this article isn't a cry for it to be. This article is a shoutout to everyone who didn't get the academic scholarship they deserved, for the ones who have parents who work too much to recieve government grants but don't have enough money to support you 100% through college. This is for the students who work multiple jobs trying to make ends meet. This is a message of support for those out there that should receive more money for all the talent that you have, but unfortunately that would take unlimited funds that hardly anyone in the world has access to.

Remember how unique your situation is and that through working, taking student loans, and maybe even selling fruit on the freeway that you are becoming a better- stronger person. Few people can hold down a job, even fewer people can make it through college successfully, and a slim few can do both at the same time. Congratulations to you, your academic scholarship may not show you as a minority but in this sense you are one!

Basically what I'm trying to say is if you find yourself upset and constantly struggling to pay tuition and keep on- remember that in the end, you're working hard and earning your degree. Not to say that others who don't work any pay their tuition aren't, but there is something so rewarding about know as you walk across that stage that not only did you manage to get through 8 a.m's, midterms, and research papers- but you also supported yourself financially through it all.

So here's to you, Miss or Mr independent, keep on facing the challenge each day and remember that this will make you stronger in the end!

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