An Open Letter To Ellen DeGeneres, From An Inspired College Kid
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To Ellen, From An Inspired College Student, Keep Doing What You're Doing

Ellen DeGeneres, thank you for inspiring me and pushing me to be more like you each and every day.

To Ellen, From An Inspired College Student, Keep Doing What You're Doing

I love Ellen DeGeneres. If you are like me I get my daily Ellen videos on Facebook. Us college students are rarely ever home or have free time to sit and watch the afternoon episode. So I might be up studying late, but I love a good Ellen video on my timeline, that will bring on some tears while I am mid-study session. Ellen does it ALL. I mean that in the most real way possible. She is hilarious, entertaining, and overwhelmingly generous. She is in all ways a wonderful human being.

Ellen gets tons of letters from many all across the country. Not only that, she reads them, and she responds. How many celebrities can say that? She and her team go out of their way to make sure that thousands of people are blessed and often times provides them with a ton of gifts and love. The surprises!!! Y'all, I mean, if you know, you know. Ellen really has a heart of pure gold and watching her change lives is amazing. She does her best job to reach each individual who comes on her show, and let's be honest we all secretly envy that we are not in the audience to see it in real life. It for sure is on my bucket list. I am an ugly crier and I know that I for sure will need at least two boxes of Kleenexes with me. I know for me, making other people happy is the dream job. So, college students, I think you can all agree with me on this subject, we do not come close to having the struggles that most guests on her show have. However, it is nice to daydream. So if I could reach Ellen's world, it would sound a bit like this.

* * *

Hi Ellen DeGeneres,

First off I would like to thank you for the constant laughter you provide in each of our lives. Bombing a test, running out of coffee for our all-nighters, or not getting to have a social life...your videos are something that makes me smile and laugh even on the worst of days. Us college students are pretty much always stressed out, I think the acne I have on my face after finals week speaks for itself. I think I live in a state of always being stressed and overwhelmed. (If you are a college student and you are not, props to you.) College has taught us some of the hardest lessons in life and trust me, I would rather not have experienced but I think that is just a part of this "growing up" thing.

Unfortunately, I was not blessed with a high-income family. I worked my butt off for each and everything I have achieved thus far. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are like that, HIGH FIVE. When you become a senior in high school and realize that you are going to have to figure out a way to support yourself in life eventually, you panic. I did for sure. However, I was blessed with a scholarship that pays for most of my college tuition but it in no way covers the price I pay for a semester. Between the dreaded fee bill, books that cost hundreds of dollars, and trying to have at least two meals a day, my bank account tends to cry more than cheer. Where're all my fellow students that are feeling this way too? It's a lot. A lot.

Ellen, life is not always easy but if your show has taught me anything it is that there are good people out there. A lot of them actually, one of the best is you. You are an inspiration. The person in line in front of me that pays for my Starbucks inspires me. My two brothers who are serving in the United States ARMY inspire me. I am inspired. Daily. I know it sounds crazy but if I could get a degree and find a way to share my wealth and love with the world, I would. In a heartbeat. I envy those who can inspire, and I intend to work my butt off so that I too can one day inspire others. Just like you.

I work and attend my dream university, LSU. I have met people that seriously influence me and want me to be better, and even though I have not met you I hope you know that you influence me to continue. To not stop pushing and achieving small victories throughout life. I want a degree, I want a career, but I want to make people extremely happy too. I want to be a woman like you when I grow up, and I know I am not alone in that aspect. You teach that life does not always have to be so serious, dreams really do come true, and that great people still exist in this crazy world.

I work, I go to school, and I try to help and give as much as I can. Why? Because your love has given me true determination to not stop believing that our world will always need more love and more shared hugs. It makes politics, illnesses, finances, and personal struggles seem so much less important and how you treat people so much more important. I am honestly overwhelmed by how much love you have in your heart. I'll push myself to pursue that daily. It is a constant work in progress and right now the bank account does not allow that, but I pray one day it does. No single person will ever be able to replace you and what you have done for a world of struggle and craziness, but I hope you know that your light shines brightly. Your light touches souls everywhere, even this struggling 22-year-old.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Ellen; you are a world changer. You are a hero. You are a woman determined to love and give and I aspire to be you and have that heart one day. One can only dream, right?


A college student who loves you wants to be you, and will tune in forever to watch you change lives.

* * *

Oh, and friends, if you are not already... go like EllenTube on Facebook. I promise it will make you smile at least once a day. I promise.

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