Cheers To One Year of Writing For Odyssey
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Cheers to One Year of Writing for Odyssey: What I've Learned

I thought I only had one story to tell, but it turns out I might have more.


Looking back on this journey… I always saw Odyssey articles on my social timelines and knew I wanted to write for them. I didn't know how easily obtainable it was, either. I recommended one of my best friends to write for the Odyssey before I ever applied.

I applied, wrote my first article, and never looked back.

As a Journalism major and an English junkie, I was always forced to write for deadlines or topics that were picked out for me. This was my chance to write freely. My Editor-In-Chief literally said we could write about whatever we wanted… I mean what journalist wouldn't love that?!

It might sound a bit dramatic but it's kind of changed my life. Having a weekly deadline isn't overwhelming, but it gives me the push to think creatively every week. Since writing for Odyssey, I have been asked to tell people's stories, I get to highlight important individuals in my life, and get to rant whenever I feel like it.

As Benjamin Franklin says, "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."

Odyssey was the first step I took that ultimately got me where I am today. After I started writing for the University of Oklahoma Odyssey Community, I became confident enough to take these dreams and transform them into passions that I could now pursue. My resume has expanded because of Odyssey, and it has ultimately helped me with the internship I had during winter break and the job I recently got as a social media intern.

One of my favorite parts of the articles I write is that all the header pictures are my own. It has ultimately expanded my photography skills too. I love the opportunity I get taking my OWN pictures for my OWN articles.

Outside of the negative comments I've heard about certain articles I published or people's opinion of The Odyssey, I still write. It has truly given me more confidence. People who I don't even know well have reached out to me about my articles, and it truly means so much to me. Their support has encouraged me to keep writing and let my voice be heard.

All that I have done successfully in my writing career began the day I applied to be a part of the University of Oklahoma Odyssey community one year ago. Fifty-two weeks and fifty-two articles later, I have grown and thrived as a writer and a person.

If you are questioning whether you should apply, let me stop you. YOU SHOULD. And you can do so at this link. Don't forget to select OU as your community!

The Odyssey is a great outlet for anyone who is looking for a place to express beliefs, opinions, or ideas about whatever topic they desire. I have really enjoyed it and highly recommend.

Can't wait to see what the next year brings.

All my love,


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