One Direction Fans Initiate #ProjectJustHoldOn
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One Direction Fans Initiate #ProjectJustHoldOn

Louis Tomlinson is going to take over the world with just a little help from his fans.

One Direction Fans Initiate #ProjectJustHoldOn
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On Wednesday, December 7th, Johannah Deakin was taken from the world. She was battling leukemia, a very deadly form of cancer. You might not know who that is, but to the One Direction fandom, she is the beautiful, bright and brave woman who gave birth to Louis Tomlinson. She is one of the greatest mothers to walk the planet, constantly sacrificing, giving, loving, and caring for all of her children. Jay raised 7 breathtakingly beautiful children, the oldest of them being some of the strongest people I'll probably ever know. Louis, maybe most of all.

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On Saturday, Louis dropped his first song as a solo artist in collaboration with Steve Aoki. That same day, only three days after his mother's death, Louis went on a stage and performed that song, titled "Just Hold On". It was Jay's dying wish to see him release solo music and to perform, and Louis did just that. In a beautiful and brave act, Louis shined on stage, bringing most of Wembley stadium to tears. They weren't the only ones, however, as much of the world watched along as Louis laid his heart out on the stage, singing every word to his mother, ending the performance with a kiss aimed to the sky.

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Because of what has happened to Jay, as well as this song being dedicated to her, the One Direction fandom are at it again. #ProjectJustHoldOn is only a few days underway, and the fandom has already lifted "Just Hold On" to #1 on the UK charts, as well at #2 on the U.S. charts. Louis' newest single is sitting #1 in over 30 countries and they aim to get it higher all over the world. Not to mention the money everyone has donated in Johannah's name, bringing Louis' birthday charity drive to topple $25,000.

By streaming it on Spotify, asking local stations to play it, and asking everyone they know to buy the song, the fans are begging the world to get "Just Hold On" the attention it deserves. If you haven't listened yet, please do. It's a very upbeat, fun, EDM tune where Louis' higher pitches ease you and make you smile. It's truly a masterpiece that reminds us all to hold on and not to give up, even when times get hard and when all you want to do is close the book.

"The sun goes down and it comes back up. The world, it turns, no matter what. If it all goes wrong, darling, just hold on."

Help Louis by streaming "Just Hold On" on Spotify, TIDAL, and Dreezer.

Buy his newest single, share it with your friends, make them all listen.

Join the Thunderclap to help spread the world.

Follow the Project on Tumblr and Twitter.

Donate to the Eden Dora Trust, Believe in Magic, or Bloodwise, all of which Johannah and Louis are/were huge advocates for.

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