You're Silly If You Think You're Immune To The Moon's Affects

She's bold, she's big, and she's beautiful. She greets us every night when we go to bed. It's safe to tell her all of our secrets. She won't tell a single soul, they are safe with her. The moon cares for our soul in a way no one else knows how. Yet, how does the moon affects us beyond our wildest fantasies?

The moon affects the ocean tides, and likewise we are majority made up of water. Our brains are made up of over 70% water. Besides that simple fact, there are many instances of the full moon affecting people. Such as more dog bites are reported and medical people notice a difference in their patients. How true these instances are, and whether you believe them is largely up to your individual belief systems.

There are also many folktales I've noticed about the phases of the moon. Such as it's wise to cut your hair during the waxing moon to promote faster hair growth.

Beyond that, if the moon can wreck an entire ocean, why wouldn't it affect us? It does in our emotional processing and decision making, even if it's slightly.

You're a lunatic if you think you're immune to the affects of the moon.

In fact, the word lunatic has it's roots in the moon. Luna being the root word of lunatic and translating to the moon. Lunacy is insanity cause by the lovely moon. These are only a few examples of how the moon affects us culturally, socially, and potentially in our scientific core.

I know it deeply affects me in not only those ways, but in my spiritual practice of witchcraft. I follow the phases of the moon and base my magickal workings around them. The new moon is new beginnings. Waxing moon fertilizes those beginnings. Full moon is the height of those workings. The last stage before the next new moon is banishment and reflections. Then the cycle repeats.

The moon is a magickal and powerful being, and every known thing in the universe sends out ripples in the cosmos. The moon and ourselves being no different.

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