I have six words for you:

The Jonas Brothers recreated “Oh How The Tables Have Turned" YouTube

As of late February, the boys, now men, that stole the hearts of many millennials from ages 6-12 announced their long-awaited return to the music scene.

Kevin, Joe, and Nick, together known as the Jonas Brothers are officially back, releasing already TWO new singles, which is already way better than their 2013 return (let's not talk about that).

To commemorate a nostalgic return of most 90-early 2000s first celebrity crushes, here is a 'BURNING UP' playlist of Jonas Brother's songs that'll have you on your feet for days to come!

1. "Sucker"

The Jonas Brothers and Sisters debut bigger and badder than ever.

2. "Mandy"

Starting off with the actual FIRST single they ever put out

3. "When You Look Me In The Eyes"

What every girl wants to make as her first dance song at their wedding.

4. "Pom Poms"

The return that was slept on but was also much appreciated.

5. "That's Just The Way We Roll"


6. "Lovebug"

3:03 a.k.a the head bobbing extraordinaire.

7. "Play My Music"

8. "Before The Storm" (feat. Miley Cyrus)

That time when Nick and Miley were a thing.

9. "We Got The Party With Us"

Since we're on the subject of Miley...

10. "L.A Baby (Where Dreams Are Made Of)"

PRIME era.

11. "Kids Of The Future"

12. "Burning Up"

Volume is all the way up and then some.

13. "Year 3000"

I just discovered that this was a cover of another song. Tell me how happy I was (sarcastically speaking).

14. "Cool"

Welcome to Miami... and the new era of The JoBros.