Dear Someone,

If you're reading this, you're probably bored at work. Hello there! I understand how hard it is to separate yourself from your age group and choose to be responsible. Maybe you're saving for a car, a new apartment, or even just saving up to help with your college tuition.

Your hard work and perseverance do not go unnoticed. Post-graduation you will not be scrounging and scrimping to pay off massive loans you took out, you will be comfortably enjoying your career. You're probably experiencing FOMO, and I get that, but trust me you aren't missing much. You may miss an event or trip here or there, but at least everything you will have in the future will be YOURS.

If vacation means that much to you, save for a post-graduation vacation. Even treat yourself to the first class seats, instead of economy, to celebrate your hard work. Maybe your hard working and solid savings could turn what would have been a weekend trip, into a week-long getaway.

You do not need to have everything now, and you do not need to have something just because everyone else has it. Work while you need to, and then treat yourself when you can absolutely afford it. It may hurt to think about but the following things are more important than a summer vacation: your car/saving for a car, your tuition payments, your rent/utilities, your furniture, and your savings account.

If you're choosing to work and invest in your long-term future, be proud of yourself. No one can take away the work that you put in. Your progress is entirely yours, and it will give you a greater sense of self.


Your Fellow Hard Worker