14 Thoughts That Every Night Owl Has

Its starts as swearing you'll only be on for a few more minutes and then a few hours later, you really thought it has only been minutes since you swore. This is the natural lifestyle and in the blood of a night owl who is defined as "a person who is habitually active or wakeful at night."

From night to morning, here are 14 common thoughts night owls have.

"Ah! It's so peaceful~"


Not a soul around to call you, ask you anything or tell you what to do.

"What did I miss today?"


That feeling when you realize that you have spent longer in your bed or secluded than in the real world...

"Only the weak need energy drinks to pull an all-nighter"


Night owls are naturally more energetic when it is night outside so it's adorable when someone says they have to drink an energy drink to stay awake.

"Should I leave the light on or off?"


If I leave the light on, I waste energy. But if I turn the light off I might get a headache or my eyes will hurt... What to do, what to do...

"Ah! I have an article and paper due today... maybe I should go ahead and do it now?"


That procrastination gene is hard to control so it's now that we realize that something could literally be due in like 4 hours and we haven't even started writing it yet.

"Huh? How did I get here?"


This might not be specific for night-owls but late into the night, nearing morning, it's hard to concentrate so you might search for information on Columbus and end up looking at 1573 pictures of your favorite K-pop idol. It happens all the time!

"Maybe I should go to bed soon?"


Its a question because it is our rationality that tries to convince us that we need to sleep but...

"It's too early to go to bed"


If the sun hasn't hit the horizon or your window yet then it is too early to go to bed.

"I can just sleep during the day"


We cannot bear to waste such valuable night hours by just sleeping! Its disrespectful to who we are as night owls.

"I can stay up a few more minutes..." an hour later: "Uhhh, just a few more minutes."


Energy is an amazing thing because if you are a computer-binger then you don't really waste energy but your brain does so it takes more time to get tired.

"Time for a 2AM, 4AM, and 6AM snack..."


Using all that brain power to pull an all nighter requires energy and how else to get energy than food!

"Ugh! My neck, my back. I'm popping all over!"


Sleeping is a way to relax and let go so when you stay up all night, you tend to feel the pain of just moving and feeling about every bone in your body popping.

"The sun is coming up... has it already been 9 hours?"


Time flies when you are on the computer. I get up maybe only two or three times every time I pull an all-nighter. Without realizing, an entire night can go by just reading or working.

7-8AM (when everyone starts waking up): "I'm getting sleepy... time to go to bed!"


When that first light hits the window, we already know! We unconsciously and purposefully want to avoid talking to people that are waking up because its too much trouble!

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