Night Downtown In Grand Forks

17 Things That Describe A Night In Downtown Grand Forks As Told By ‘The Office’

I guarantee that one of these 17 things can apply to your night downtown, if not all of them.


Let's be real, just about everyone has seen at least one episode of "The Office." If you haven't, shame on you, it is actually really funny. I finally decided to hop on the bandwagon and watch it and I realized just how much laughter I was missing out on.

But anyways, Grand Forks is a college town and you can bet that you will run into what feels like everyone you know while you're downtown. The college kids are downtown Thursday through Saturday, and I guarantee that one of these 17 things can apply to your night downtown, if not all of them.

1. When you realize that it is $1.50 Long Islands at O’Reallys


Broke college students live for cheap alcohol.

2. How you feel being the only sober one at the bar


Being DD and actually going downtown with your friends is not fun when you are the only sober one.

3. When the cute guy across the bar buys you a drink


Girl, give him that cute smile and hopefully he will come talk to you. If not, at least you got a free drink.

4. When your favorite song comes on at Level 10


You can bet every girl in there is singing at the top of their lungs.

5. When you run into your friends that you haven’t seen in forever


*Screams of excitement*

6. When you see a girl crying in the bathroom over some stupid boy


"Honey, it's okay, he wasn't worth your time anyways. You can do better."

7. Being the mom friend and making sure no one dies


You are the mother duck and you need to make sure all your little ducklings make it home and in one piece. You are superwoman.

8. When the creepy guy keeps trying to hit on you


Please stop. Please.

9. When you are hungry but you only have enough money to buy alcohol downtown


Do not drink on an empty stomach. Do not do it.

10. When your friends are more intoxicated than you are


You start thinking, "Damn, I really need to catch up."

11. When someone vomits and you turn into the mom friend


There is just something about the smell of vomit that makes a person sober up.

12. Having to run to the next bar because the frozen tundra known as North Dakota doesn’t give a shit if you are cold 


I bet you left your jacket at home because you figured the alcohol would keep you warm.

13. Making friends with random girls in the bathroom


You will leave the bathroom feeling like you have five new best friends.

14. Seeing the ambulance outside Joe Black’s and being glad it isn’t here for you


That was a close call. Hope that one survives.

15. When you get to Joe Black’s and it is way too crowded


Mmmmm, yeah, maybe it is time to go home now.

16. When you realize you get to go to Red Pep after a successful night downtown with your BFFs


It is the best drunk food.

17. Crawling into bed after the fun is done


Place that glass of water and advil next to your bed — you'll need it in the morning. And who knows, you might wake up and regret everything you said and did the night before.

Enjoy your night downtown, but please find a sober ride home.

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