Nick Saban's Stance On Anthem Protests Proves Why He's The GOAT On And Off The Field

Nick Saban's Stance On Anthem Protests Proves He's The GOAT On AND Off The Field

Championships. A dynasty. It all comes from respecting one another.


When people try to guess what the stance of the coach of a Southern football team might be towards national anthem protests, the notion of Southern conservatism might be the first idea that comes to mind. However, Coach Nick Saban of the defending national champion Alabama Crimson Tide gave a response on his radio show that might shock those who would assume his conservatism.

When a veteran called into Saban's talk show the past week, Saban laid out his views concerning NFL players kneeling during the national anthem. Saban said, "I don't think that what these people are doing is in any way, shape or form meant to disrespect a veteran or somebody like yourself [speaking to the veteran] who has... sacrificed so much for all of us to have the quality of life we want to have."

But, wait a second, isn't Saban in Alabama, one of the most conservative pro-Trump states in the country?

Yes, but Saban also doesn't give a damn about that.

Saban goes on in his talk show to speak about respect and trust in his team, two traits which he believes are vital to his team's success. Personally, I could not agree with Saban more about the topic of kneeling during the anthem.

First, players are not outright throwing up a middle finger to the flag during the national anthem.

They are boldly, but respectfully, kneeling or sitting in protest to bring awareness to racial inequity. We as Americans get so damn caught up in the symbolism of a flag that we value the damn flag over respecting the rights and beliefs granted to all Americans. Freedom of speech and expression is something that everyone deserves to enjoy, white, black, straight, gay, or any other paradigm of perceived "opposites."

At the end of the day we are all American and the same in the eyes of the law.

Second, let's reflect on Saban's principles of trust and respect.

It's perfectly natural to have different opinions than others, especially related to something held so closely to the patriotic heart of America as our national anthem and the flag. Somewhere along the way, we forgot that it is not our place to impose our opinions and beliefs on others just because we don't like what they are doing. America's roots are embedded in the rights of individual expression and the freedom to do so. The minute we realize that we should respect other people's rights, even if we don't agree with how they express them, is the minute we can begin focusing on the problem at hand.

As Saban says, when we can respect our individual differences, we can come together as a team for one unified goal.

Third, we should focus on the problem of why the kneeling began — to protest the oppression of people of color in this country.

These protests were never about disrespect for the flag or some radical left-wing attempt to brainwash the youth, but to bring awareness to a problem that people, particularly those in power, weren't giving enough attention to.

I call this the "white people in denial syndrome," because it seems to me that my conservative peers as a whole want to pretend that racism is no longer a thing and that equal treatment is present in our country, but when I've tried to present the facts proving otherwise my peers become angry, defensive, and deny all such evidence. This happens because people grow up in their white-washed bubbles and never get to see the world for what it really is because they are sheltered behind prosperity and what mainstream media tells them to believe. I digress.

No matter what you believe about racial oppression or kneeling for the flag out of protest, Saban gets it right here. Getting angry and trying to bash people for what they believe in results in nothing but hate and disdain for our fellow Americans. Respecting peoples' differences of opinions, regardless of how wrong you think they may be, is how we move to a solution. A solution that makes everyone proud to stand beneath our flag. A solution that makes people beam with pride, not sarcasm, when they say "this is America."

Don't misconstrue what the situation looks like, but instead try listening to what the players are saying and respect their right to say it instead of getting up in arms in assumptions about what you THINK the players are doing.

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Antonio Brown Vs. JuJu Smith-Schuster

AB's low-blow at JuJu has put a target on his back for the impending 2019 season.


Recently, Raiders wide-receiver Antonio Brown initiated a Twitter "war" after Steelers wide-receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster was named MVP for the 2018 season. Brown retaliated with a response to a tweet shared by a fan that sparked a fire and brought emotions to an all time high within the NFL fan base. All of which took place after the former wide-receiver for Pittsburgh previously tweeted "Keep your emotions off the internet" just hours earlier, acting as if he is the herald of good advice. Ever since then AB has been nothing but emotional, even taking down a former teammate in the process.

Personal Twitter Screenshot

We've all been exposed to AB's attitude since he was drafted to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010, but it's gotten worse over time. Still, Pittsburgh fans disregarded his actions for a while because of his skills on the field and million dollar smile. His charm and endless pictures of his children always, if not most of the time, managed to get the fans of Steeler Nation to turn a blind eye to his mischievous ways- at least until the past few seasons. It seemed that his attitude had gotten worse, along with his sense of entitlement and spreading of hate and jealousy toward his fellow players. His attitude and purposeful actions eventually granted his wish of being traded from the Steelers, ending up as the Raiders' new wide-receiver. Ever since the trade, his ruthless attitude and ongoing hypocrisy continues to ascend to greater levels than before, after JuJu fired back at Antonio with a dose of his own medicine.

Personal Twitter Screenshot

Immediately following, JuJu expressed the betrayal and disrespect he received, regardless of the fact that he practically idolized AB since he got drafted in 2017. The rookie MVP called out the Pittsburgh veteran for the size of his ego and ability to fire shots at people that adored him. If anything, this debacle was an enlightening event for the young WR and is now aware of what kind of person his former idol is.

Personal Twitter Screenshot

Following this, AB decided to take advantage of one of his known slogans #CallGod a few days after the fact. Instead of continuing his antagonizing behavior, he decided to quote the Bible as if it would excuse his initial shot toward JuJu. In doing so, he decided to carefully pick verses from Luke 6 in order to fit his own egotistical agenda.

Personal Twitter Screenshot

"But love your enemies, do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return." Luke 6:35, a verse that is visibly ignored to avoid contradictions for his recent actions. As we can see in the tweet thread, fans are recognizing the hypocrisy that Antonio Brown is proudly exuding and are emphasizing it. AB's repugnant attitude and "preaching" has pushed fans to see that Brown will betray anyone who attempts to take his spotlight, regardless of him making the same mistakes in past seasons. The once-beloved, former Pittsburgh WR is ready and willing to place blame on fellow teammates but will very rarely take blame for his own faults. Because of this trait and actions that have followed, Brown now has a target on his back for the 2019 season.

Personal Twitter Screenshot

The NFC is ready to avenge JuJu Smith-Schuster and I don't believe Antonio realizes what he's gotten himself into. It's no secret that Brown has quick feet and can run across the field with great speed and agility, but people always find a way when rage drives them. It seems as if JuJu has great support across the entirety of the NFL, regardless of rivalries that exist.

Let's remember: Antonio Brown was in his prime with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Raiders are getting the aftermath that won't last much longer. It wouldn't surprise me if the Raiders make arrangements for someone to buy-out his three-year contract if his attitude doesn't improve. No team, no coach, will tolerate Antonio longer than Coach Tomlin did. Regardless, AB better start taking his "Call God" slogan seriously because he might need the Big-Man soon if he continues his disgusting and childish shenanigans.


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