Will Your Favorite NFL Team Make It To The Playoffs?
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Will Your Favorite NFL Team Make It To The Playoffs?

Surprisingly, the Cowboys have clinched the division despite the rocky start in their season. The Cowboys were able to get it together midseason and have been doing well.

Will Your Favorite NFL Team Make It To The Playoffs?

The regular season is nearing its end and playoffs are just around the corner. Some teams have clinched the playoff berth, while others said goodbye to the season a long time ago. New faces such as Patrick Mahomes and Baker Mayfield have made the season more interesting and unpredictable, but we all have an idea of we have an idea of what is to come.

NFC East

Surprisingly, the Cowboys have clinched the division despite the rocky start in their season. The Cowboys were able to get it together midseason and have been doing well. As long as they give Dak Prescott enough time in the pocket, the Cowboys have a good chance of making it to the NFC Championship. The Eagles also have a chance to go to another Superbowl as long as they win and the Minnesota Vikings lose. The Chicago Bears will face the Vikings and have a better chance of winning the game. I feel that the odds are likely in the favor of the Eagles since Nick Foles has been nothing, but a playmaker this season.

NFC West

The Los Angeles Rams were the first team to clinch a division title and have a pretty great record in the league. They are the most promising team to move on to the NFC Championships. The Seattle Seahawks have clinched a playoff berth, but have trouble on the road, so I don't see them going too far.

NFC North

The Chicago Bears clinched the NFC North and must beat the Vikings for the Eagles to move on. Eagles fans will be rooting for the Bears as well this weekend. The Vikings hope that the Eagles lose in order to keep their playoffs hopes alive.

NFC South

The New Orleans Saints have clinched the first seed in the division and the NFC South. The Saints have the home advantage for all of the playoffs, which is extremely vital for the team. Drew Brees is on a different level and is playing the best he has ever played. I would not be surprised to see them at the NFC Championship.

AFC East

The Patriots have been a dominating force in the AFC East with the Brady-Belichick duo at the helm. It's no surprise to see them in the playoffs since they've done it for the past 10 years consecutively. However, with the loss of Josh Gordon and a lack of confidence on the road, their playoff season might be cut short. Currently, the Patriots do not have the home-field advantage, but if they win against the Jets and the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers lose, they can stay home throughout the AFC playoffs. It would be a miracle for the Chiefs to lose since they're playing against the Oakland Raiders who have won 27% of their games. However, the Chiefs might rest their starters giving Oakland a better chance to win the game, but I don't see them risking the first place spot. We will probably see the Pats on the road for the AFC playoffs.

AFC West

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers have the best records in the division with eleven wins and four losses. Both have the opportunity to clinch the division if both tie or if the other team loses. The Chiefs have a two-week losing streak but have a strong chance to win against the Oakland Raiders. The Chargers also have a pretty good chance to win against the Denver Broncos. The game will be held in Denver, but the Chargers have a good record on the road. The Chargers and the Chiefs have beaten each other, but they both will go to the playoffs.

AFC North

The AFC North is between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Ravens will be able to clinch the division if the Steelers lose or if the both of them tie. The Steelers must win and the Ravens must lose for the Steelers to move on. All Steelers fans will be Browns fans for that day. The Browns have beaten the Ravens this year, but it will be a close game. The Steelers have a pretty good chance against the Bengals since they're at home and have a better record.

AFC South

The AFC South is a tight division that can go to three teams. Currently, the Houston Texans have the lead. The Titans and the Colts will battle it out for a chance to keep their season going. The teams are pretty even, but the Titans have the home advantage. However, The Titans' quarterback Marcus Mariota is injured and will not be able to play to the best of his ability. I personally believe that the Colts will be the ones prevailing.

The playoff picture is not written in stone and anything can happen. Look out for all the games this weekend on your local channels.

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