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If You're Really Serious About Getting Fit, You'll Add Sex To Your 2020 Workout Plan

The key to losing weight this winter? Adding sex to your winter workout.

If You're Really Serious About Getting Fit, You'll Add Sex To Your 2020 Workout Plan

It's everyone's resolution, every year — lose weight. Get healthier. Eat better. Be more active. Get outside more often. Try something new. All to benefit our health in a positive way. We all have good intentions and with the new year starting, we hit the ground running. Anything seems easy when you have a clean slate. But then the glitter fades, and all the chaos settles. The holidays are over and you are back in your reality. Without making it a lifestyle change, it's easy to fall back into bad habits.

As Albert Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Without real change and real intent, your resolution is borderline insanity. Without effort and a plan, it's hard to make a big change. It has to be a lifestyle change, to hit those goals. Lose those extra lbs, eat healthier, try a new activity. The options are endless in changing your health, so why not consider all of your options?

It is said that a 30-minute sex session can burn anywhere between 100-300 calories. Which to put into perspective, that's like a bowl of soup or a salad. Aka your lunch. Aka you just burned off a meal or even half of one, if you're eating clean.

Living a healthier lifestyle is much more than just the weight you carry around. It's mental too. Your body will do what your mind accepts. If you get your brain on board, you're halfway there. And what's really better for your mind, then an orgasm? Studies show we release a surge of dopamine and Oxycontin, known as the "happy, feel-good hormone" and it increases blood flow across the brain, believing to make the brain healthier.

A healthy brain is the first step to a healthy lifestyle, right?

Through my research, the same idea continued to pop up: to increase health this winter, sex is the answer.

Protected and consensual, obviously. But the benefits are there and proven! Switching up your routine can be scary and challenging. Starting up at a new gym, or taking a new class. Maybe trying a different way of eating or dieting. The unknown can be terrifying. But what's always helpful in your new endeavor? A buddy! Even better, your partner! Someone you can get fit with, in and outside of the gym. I mean what sounds better than that?

That's why adding sex to your winter workouts, is the game-changer. Skipped the gym today? No worries, hop into bed. Over ate? Hop into the shower with your lover. Doing the dirty will never feel so fun when you know you're accomplishing your goals and benefiting in more ways than one.

Everyone is always looking for an answer. The magic pill to transform your body. And it's true, there is no one thing. It's a compilation of multiple new habits to see the best results. So sign up for those new classes, start your meal prep, and get it on. Your New Year's resolution is on the other side of your O.

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