9 Classic Taylor Songs Still Part Of The Narrative And Why
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A Look Into The 9 Songs Taylor Brought Back For Reputation

Snake Queen Taylor really got me good on some of these.

A Look Into The 9 Songs Taylor Brought Back For Reputation
Kinsey Sturgeon

Last week was the impeccable Taylor Swift's Reputation stop right here in good 'ole Indiana. Charli XCX and Camila Cabello were phenomenal, of course. Taylor was an absolute queen, as she always is, but after leaving the concert, a thought struck me. Taylor sang old songs. Quite a few of them, actually. But we learned in the LWYMMD music video that the old Taylor is dead in the Taylor narrative. If that's the truth, let's look at what old songs she brought back that still fit in the new narrative.

For reference, I'm getting all my info on Taylor's Lucas Oil setlist from here - because I'm a forgetful bean - and will be referring to the acts the same way they do because it makes a lot of sense to me.

1. Style

Taylor, Style, 2015

Taylor finished Act 1 with a pretty much seamless medley of Style, Love Story, and You Belong With Me. Style wasn't that long ago so it's no surprise that this is still part of her new narrative, plus it never goes out of style.

I apologize for any puns made from here on out.

2. Love Story

Taylor and Justin Gaston, Love Story, 2009

Love Story and You Belong With Me, however, are from her first two albums which came out ten and twelve years ago respectively. So why are they still part of the Taylor narrative? I think this can be linked back to her current boyfriend, English actor Joe Alwyn. Joe and Taylor met back at the 2016 Met Gala - which you can take from lyrics in Dress - which is what links Love Story back to the two of them. Love Story is about a flashback of her meeting someone at a ball and falling in love with them. That's pretty much what happened between she and Joe, so that's easy.

3. You Belong With Me

Lucas Till, YBWM, 2009

You Belong With Me, ignoring the fact that it is a cute pop-y love song, was a harder connection, but one that when it struck me really hit me hard. Every time I look at Joe, I can't help but think he looks like someone I've seen before. I was rewatching the YBWM music video and was looking at the boy who lives next door to her, played by Lucas Till, and thought, huh, he sure looks familiar. When I looked at a picture of Joe, I realized that they look way too similar, like they could be brothers. My point here is that YBWM is still part of the Taylor narrative because Joe reminds her of the person the song was originally written about.

4. Shake It Off

Taylor and co., Shake It Off, 2014

Another song from 1989 that really never gets old. I feel like Shake It Off is still part of the Taylor narrative because no matter what people say about Taylor and her reputation, she just keeps shaking it off and pushing forward. Not to mention, it was the perfect opportunity to bring Charli XCX and Camila back on stage.

5. Forever & Always

This one was a shocker for all of us in Lucas Oil. She hasn't performed Forever & Always live since the Red tour in 2013 and it was the tour debut of the song. It was the surprise special song for us - each stop on the tour has gotten and will probably get a different song that hasn't been heard in a while. I personally don't necessarily believe that Forever & Always is still part of the Taylor narrative as it stands now. It was about Joe Jonas originally and, as far as I know, there isn't really any beef between the two of them anymore. I think it was just a nice surprise for us as fans, so thanks for that Taylor.

6. Bad Blood

Taylor, Bad Blood, 2015

Do we really need to address why Bad Blood is still part of the Taylor narrative? Her Bad Blood with some people will never be resolved and that's totally chill.

7. Should've Said No

If you were at Reputation and you didn't scream when you heard the Should've Said No guitar riff in Bad Blood, are you really a Taylor fan?

Honestly, I was struggling to figure out why Should've Said No is still part of the new Taylor narrative because I haven't really heard her sing it since she opened for Rascal Flatts. I then remembered that Taylor said that this album and tour was all surrounding the idea of reputation. Can you imagine what kind of reputation the guy this was about has had in the last 12 years?

8. Long Live

Taylor basically told us why this song is still part of the narrative: it was written for and about us, the fans. Long live us, and long live you, Taylor, you queen.

9. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

With this, it was no surprise why WANEGBT made a come back in the new Taylor narrative since it was a lead into This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things... just another jab at Kimye *shrugs*

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