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7 New Songs to Start Spring Off Right

These new releases really capture the aura of spring

7 New Songs to Start Spring Off Right

I love a cool vibe or beautiful sad tune as much as the next girl, but there is something to be said about feel-good music, especially as a New-England girl who's sick of the cold, gloomy winter. With the warmer weather creeping up on us, I wanted to share some newer music that really captures those warm vibes and start off spring right.

When Am I Gonna Lose You by Local Natives


Some of you may know indie rock band Local Natives from their song Dark Days (if you don't know it definitely check it out it's very much a chill bop). Their newer song is a similar vibe, although a little more upbeat, which is very fitting to many spring and summer tunes.

I Feel Good About This by The Mowgli’s


Also an alternative rock to indie vibe, this song that talks about "yelling out the balcony" and traveling cities has a sound that really embodies the excitement of taking on the world with a positive view. It's a fun little pick me up that you'll want to drive around with your windows rolled down to.

Throwaway by SG Lewis feat. Clairo


This song definitely slows it down a bit, but it has a cute and interesting instrumental that kind of reminds me of a video game (any Legend of Legaia fans out there tell me if you hear what I'm hearing). I was taking a chill drive by the beach with my friend while this song played and it really fit that vibe. Plus, Clairo just sounds beautiful as always.

Missed Connections by The Head and the Heart


While this new song isn't typical of what I know of this band (Who could forget "Rivers and Roads" and "Down in the Valley") it does have a sound that may better suit those who are into alt-rock and the chorus is catchy. The bass guitar is cool and the harmonies remind me of the approach that many classic rock songs take. Good driving vibes overall.

Marianne by Mipso


Now this one isn't actually new, as it was released in 2015, but it's new to me so I wanted to share! This one is definitely more of a folksy-country song. It has beautiful yet joyful harmonies and a super fun and catchy fiddle. This song will certainly make you want to dance around a field in a long skirt.

yours by Greyson Chance


I'm not sure when Greyson Chance grew up and started cranking out bops but I'm digging songs off his new album. "yours" is such a good chill bop that brings that new hope feel that accompanies the idea of spring and rebirth. I'm also a fan of "black on black" which is so catchy and "white roses" which starts slow but picks up and reminds past lovers to stay away in this new turn of our lives.

Hideaway by Grace VanderWaal


Grace puts out such cute songs. I love her voice and it's unsurprising that this song from the soundtrack of "Wonder Park," a children's movie, has a simple but still cute vibe.

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