10 New Songs That Will Get You Excited About Summer
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10 New Songs That Will Get You Pumped For The Summer

This warm weather has me ready for summer!

10 New Songs That Will Get You Pumped For The Summer

I wanted to start off by saying I HATE the cold. I can handle it through the holidays, but come January 1st, I started the countdown to warm weather.

Warm weather means going outside, trips to the beach, chilling in a hammock, picnics, and more. Overall, I am just a better, kinder human being when it's warm out. When I was able to walk to the gym this week in shorts, I was so happy I was almost in tears. This warm weather has me so excited for summer!

When I think of summer, one of the first things I think of is driving around with my friends, windows down, music blasting, and screaming our favorite songs.

It's such a simple activity, but I genuinely enjoy it with all my heart. We don't even have to be going anywhere special - a simple trip to Wawa with my friends and some good music is all I need.

That being said, another thing I do when I hear a new song is to imagine how it would sound in a car. Here is an actual fact I am going to share with you: MUSIC HITS DIFFERENT IN A CAR. Now that I have shared this important tidbit of knowledge with you, here are ten of my top songs that remind me of summer and singing in the car with my friends.

I hope you like them and I hope they get you excited for summer!

1. Cool - Jonas Brothers

So obviously I had to start with my guys. THE JONAS BROTHERS. This song screams "summer." From the music video to the title of the song, "Cool" is bound to be a summer jam. It has an upbeat sound that isn't too wild and loud, but just enough to make you dance in the passenger's seat. You can bet that these boys will be on my playlist all summer 2k19, from throwbacks to their new singles.

2. Right Back - Khalid

I just also need to state that KHALID'S NEW ALBUM IS A WORK OF ART. I love literally EVERY song, but "Right Back" gives me the summer vibe. The snapping in the background immediately makes me want to snap along to the beat. When I first heard "Right Back," I could not stop bobbing my head. He talks about chilling on the beach and just vibing the whole summer, and that is exactly what I want to be doing this summer.

3. Paradise - Bazzi

I first heard this song through the upcoming May movie "The Sun Is Also A Star," and I fell in love. This song is in the movie's soundtrack. I am excited for two reasons: 1. I loved this book and I cannot wait to see this movie, and 2. I love Bazzi and I've missed him. This song makes me smile and dance instantly.

The beginning verses of the song with the single piano notes in the background instantly caught my attention. I love the simplicity at the beginning because it highlights his lyrics so much more. With some songs, the beat is so loud and distracting that I can't really focus on the lyrics, which is why I admire this song even more since it's the complete opposite. Also, summer is definitely my version of paradise, so I relate to this song on a spiritual level.

4. MONOPOLY - Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet

Ariana never stops grinding and I'm here for it. This song right here is a MOOD. This is the anthem for avoiding bad vibes all year long. Ariana Grande has been on fire this year and this track is not an exception. It's definitely a fun song to jam out with your best friends on a girls' night in. I love the energy in this song, and the video is just as iconic.

5. Outta My Head - Khalid and John Mayer

KHALID AND JOHN MAYER ON ONE SONG?! Call me Ne-yo because that song was the best thing I never knew I needed (shoutout to all the Ne-yo fans out there who get this reference). The sound of this song instantly makes me think of beach trips and bonfires. I will be playing this anywhere and everywhere this summer.

6. Friends - Flume and Reo Cragun

This song is a little different from the previous ones but still great in its own way. The message I got from "Flume" was that there are some people in your life who are too negative or bring others down with them. Sometimes you need to speak how you feel out to that person and express how it might be best to remove them from your environment. It's a hard thing to say, but people can be toxic and people need to look out for what's best for them. This song reminds me to do that and I love the way Flume and Reo Cragun did it. This song also gives me major music festival vibes, which is another big, exciting event during the summer time.

7. HATE MY GUTS - blackbear

Blackbear's sound is definitely similar to the songs you'd hear in the background of a party. This is the definition of a song you can dance to. "HATE MY GUTS" makes me think of a guy thinking about his ex and all the things they use to do together, and now he's randomly wondering what happened to her. It's like a fun party song about your ex that isn't super sappy and depressing! Only Blackbear could pull that off.

8. All the good girls go to hell - Billie Eilish

BILLIE FREAKING EILISH MAN. She is amazing and so is her new album. Her voice is so unique and like nothing I've ever heard before. All of Billie's songs are good, but this song is my favorite! "All the good girls go to hell" has a pretty happy beat compared to her other songs on the album.

If I'm being honest, I don't really know what the song is about. How I perceived the song is that everyone has a little bad in them, even the good girls you think would never do anything wrong or not perfect. I personally think she is saying to not let the "good girl" act fool you. I think the song is very unique compared to the other songs I have on this list. Even though it might not be as upbeat and positive as the others, I still think it would be a great song to play in the car.

9. Love Me Less - MAX and Quinn XCII

Here is another upbeat pop song that is perfect the blast in the car! "Love Me Less" is about loving someone for all of them, not just the good things. Both of the artists are basically asking their significant other if they would love them less if they knew about the bad stuff. They're talking about being honest and open about the bad, even if there is a chance that their significant other might want to leave them once they know everything. I love the message of the song and I'm a huge fan of both artists. In my opinion, this song's sound beat is the definition of a summer song.

10. Sucker - Jonas Brothers

Last but far from least, we have my boys yet again! I obviously had to include this song on the list. Setting my endless love and support for the Jonas Brothers aside, I do believe the song is really good. "Sucker" makes me think of those summer flings you have from time to time, when you meet someone over the summer at the beach or at summer camp and become infatuated with them. You have found the Danny to your Sandy. The innocent love summer crush you can't get out of your head, that's what this song reminds me of. You can also bet that I will be playing this song 24/7 even when summer is long gone.

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