On February 28, 2019, Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas all announced on their social media that the boys were reuniting!

The brothers had finally joined forces and announced they were once again creating music as "The Jonas Brothers." The band announced that they would be releasing a new song and music video at midnight titled "Sucker."

That was just the beginning. The boys also announced that they would be taking over "The Late Late Show" with James Corden for an entire week.

When I discovered all of this mind-blowing news, I almost screamed right then and there, in the hallway of my college's liberal arts building.

These boys were my life when I was growing up. I bought all their CDs, watched all their music videos on my family desktop computer, watched the TV show "JONAS" every night it was on, and even went to one of their concerts on their "A Little Bit Longer" tour. I can tell you the exact day I discovered them and the exact day I heard they were breaking up. Let's just say that both days changed my life forever.

It was never clearly stated why the band broke up in the first place back in 2013. There were many rumors, but nothing was really confirmed from the guys themselves.

In a recent radio interview with Elvis Duran, the band explained how back in the day, their family was not all brotherly love. Nick states in the interview that a lot of healing has happened since then, and their family is stronger than it has ever been.

The brothers also stated later on in the interview that it was during the filming of their upcoming documentary (which is being released on Amazon Prime Video) where the idea of getting back together was presented. Nick admitted he was the first to bring up the idea with the other two.

He went on to explain how as they spent more time together, they realized that there was a magic that they missed.

This reunion came out of nowhere and my heart was not prepared at all. There were screams, tears, dance parties, "Camp Rock" marathons - you name it, I did it.

When I watched the "Sucker" video at midnight, that was also my first time hearing the song as well. I was genuinely impressed with both the video and the song! I honestly didn't know what to expect from the "new" Jonas Brothers and I was very interested to hear how their music had matured over time.

Call me biased all you want, but I genuinely love "Sucker."

This new song got me excited about what's to come from the band as the year goes on.

The band has shared that they have already recorded around 30-40 new songs. This has me asking a few questions like: Is there an album coming? Are there any featured artists on these songs? Will I actually be able to see the Jonas Brothers on stage in 2019?!

I don't know how much more excitement my heart can handle. With the Jonas Brothers back in town, I already know 2019 is going to be AMAZING.