If I were to compare who I am now to who I was just a few short months ago at the start of my first semester, a noticeable change could be seen. Before moving to D.C. I was similar to any other introverted teenager who liked to laze around the house watching Netflix. That's not to say that I'm still not that person, but over the span of my first semester at George Washington University, I've seen myself grow into a point where I no longer want to just laze around my dorm all day. Rather, I want to go out with my friends and explore the city or simply grab lunch. While these things may seem minor to anyone else, as someone who went through high school living a recluse type life, I couldn't be prouder of my growth.

As the second-semester starts, I'm excited to keep growing. In August I found myself shying away from joining clubs and group activities, but now five months later, I'm so excited to start recreating myself. In January I plan on taking part in sorority recruitment which will hopefully go well. It's crazy to think that months ago I wouldn't have even thought about taking part in an event where I would have to talk to so many people within a single night. Additionally, I want to start taking risks in my life. Not ones that lead to serious injury (hopefully), but rather risks that lead to self-improvement. This could be as simple as starting up a conversation with someone new or signing up for a hackathon, an event I've never taken part in.

With all these changes occurring in my life, I truly hope to improve myself to be the best person I can be. This sounds cheesy, but sometimes the cliché can be the truth. While I have always loved who I am, I find it easier to support myself when I do things that make me happy and work towards my goals. This second semester might not turn me into an extrovert who faces all their problems head on, but I'm excited to see all the progress I can make over the course of the next few months in all aspects of my life.