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11 Instabloggers That Should Definitely Be On Your Radar If You Have Natural, Curly Hair

Watching some of the tutorials created by each of these Instabloggers may help you better understand what will make those curls bouncier, shinier, and healthier.

Woman with long, curly hair holding a flower

Natural curly hair is all the rage these days, and rocking the wild tresses adorning the top of your head is a great form of creative expression. With the ability to be worn in its untamed and carefree state, tucked away beneath a plethora of protective styles, dyed a million different colors, or chopped away to restore its health, it is never hard to find a girl who is either walking down the street with her crown of coils following closely behind or has experimented with a different style to give her real mane a break.

Throughout the past few months, I have started to look into some more hair-spiration that will kickstart my creativity when it comes to replenishing, taming, or styling my own kinky 4A afro. Even though it is common sense to follow the pages in which I would find other curly hair bloggers that have my curl pattern, my curiosity expanded further than that! I follow a plethora of curly hair pages like @curly_natural_hair, and each page posts a diverse set of curly girls that made me admire their individual hairstyles and textures.

All of the Instabloggers I mentioned below have persuaded or had me consider trying a range of different things with my hair from protective styles like box braids or crochet sew-ins, twist-outs, high buns (of my favorite faux bun that I create with two scrunchies and some bobby pins), hairbands/scarves, etc. Take a look to see some of my favorite around the way girl with curls that I believe should DEFINITELY be on your radar the next time you feel the urge to try something new with your mane. (That completely incredible, thriving, and beautiful mane that just wants to have fun in its versatility, I might add :).

1. Gabriella Gyamerah

YouTube Page: Lavenia Love

Gabrielle is super talented when it comes to both hair and makeup. If you are looking for tutorials that are specifically about natural hairstyles, then her Instagram is the best place to look; whereas, if you are feeling that it's time to switch up your go-to makeup routines, then it's also time to subscribe to her YouTube channel. One of my favorite parts about her Instagram page is that many of her hairstyle tutorials are her working with her real hair only. Becoming adventurous with wigs and extensions can take a bit of getting used to (or may be too expensive), and becoming creative when that wash-and-go doesn't go as planned is good knowledge to have.

2. The Find Guru

YouTube Page: The Find Guru

If you're looking to achieve the perfect shade of ash blonde curly hair, experiment with protective styles such as faux locs or crochet braids for under $30, expand your sneaker collection, or revamp your closet with more urban wear ideas then The Find Guru will soon become one of your favorite curly hair bloggers. Her content on YouTube is vast, with all of her hair tutorials explain the full hair process from hair prep along with hair product/store-bought hair recommendations, small details that should not be overlooked, and of course the end result!

3. Jasmine Brown

YouTube Page: Jasmeannnn

Jasmine's YouTube and Instagram pages are filled with effortless-seeming hairstyles. From rocking a jumbo-sized shiny goddess braid adorned with gold crowns and some mean baby hairs, caring for your hair in box braids, and some sleek bun styles she definitely knows how to work that hair. Also, if you feel that her page is only meant for girls with an outrageously long and voluminous mane, scrolling through her page any time that you decide to experiment with extensions or any other forms of store-bought hair is a possibility, too.

4. Wanda Mulzac

YouTube Page: Wanda Mulzac

If you're the wash-and-go kind of girl then you will get along great with Ms. Wanda. Besides adding some shades of green, pink, blue, or sunshine (my way of saying blonde), she is all about teaching her followers about different hair brand lines and hair care methods. Whether you're too busy to engage in usual playtime with your hair or just like letting it be free, watching some of her tutorials may help you better understand what will make those curls bouncier, shinier, and healthier.

5. Franchelli Rodriguez

YouTube Page: Franchelli

If you're a product junkie and are looking into the perfect curl concoctions that will have your hair spiral into the perfect definition, then Franchelli is definitely the girl you should be following on both Instagram and YouTube. Besides rocking the amazing rizos that are on full display on her Instagram page, her YouTube gives in-depth reviews on all types of hair products that provide nothing less than awesome curl definition.

6. Whitney White

YouTube Page: Naptural85

Please, if you have natural 4-patterned hair, go follow Whitney White. Like, yesterday! Her YouTube page is probably one of the best natural hair pages that I have come across lately, with an extensive library of natural hair tutorials that show you exactly how it's done when it comes to styling only your hair. Although she does include videos on protective styles and hair up-dos, you will find great tips on managing your natural hair along with multiple DIY-hair product lessons.

7. Regianne Ahadi

YouTube Page: Regianne Ahadi

Regianne Ahadi is a Brazilian YouTuber is definitely someone who will inspire you to grow your hair to great lengths. All of the products she uses are also Brazilian and have definitely helped her achieve a prosperous and voluminous 'fro. If you are willing to research the products that she uses or search the brands on Instagram, then you'll find that some of her recommendations are super popular amongst Brazilian women, including Salon Line Brazil and Meus Cachos Embelleze, and may prove to be more economical compared to others sold in the mainstream American beauty market. Check her out!! Don't be afraid of the language difference, just turn on the subtitles.

8. Jewellianna Palencia

YouTube Page: Jewellianna Palencia

Are you planning to change your current deep conditioner or overall haircare routine? Jewellianna has great content on hair maintenance advice (more caring than styling), hair product reviews, wash-and-go routines, etc. Basically everything you need to know about having your hair grow abundantly and healthily! That mane is gorgeous, and her tips on managing your hair will have it grow long enough to the point where flowers are able to be pinned inside your coils, too.

9. AsaeMae

YouTube: AsaeMae

AsaeMae is, hands-down, one of the best natural hair bloggers out there that any girl with 4C or general 4-curl patterned hair can both follow and subscribe to on YouTube. If someone ever tells you that it's impossible to do anything with your curls because of the level of kinkiness, think again because she does it all! She will rock anything from lace or crochet-braid wigs (both of which she will build from scratch and, of course, give you information on which type of hair to buy) natural hair twists and twist outs, hair extensions (as pictured above), and all forms of protective hairstyles.

10. Rey Rey

YouTube Page: Dis Is Rey Rey

Just because you have short 4B/4C hair doesn't mean that you're incapable of trying new styles. As Rey Rey proves, there are definitely a bunch of ways that allow you to be as artistic as possible with your mini-fro. From sew-ins to clip-ins, lace wigs, or a must-try mega-kinky bun; if you are looking to learn about more ways to maximize your imagination when it comes to your hair, then watch a few of her YouTube videos.

11. Goldy Naps

YouTube Page: Goldynaps

Currently, Goldynaps has three videos currently published on her YouTube page. Personally, I love looking at her Instagram page for a few different reasons: 1) Her 4A hair resembles mine, and if your hair is similar to ours than you will gain a few new ideas when it comes to hair styling and acquiring the perfect wash-and-go. 2) I get bored easily, and the only things stopping me from revisiting my blonde days are that I love the way my natural hair feels at the moment and the price associated with dying natural curly hair. Lil' mama with the broccoli hair also shows you how to use a variety of Devacurl products to get that perfect diffused hair look.

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