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When you watch a look come down the runway, everything is perfect. The clothes, the hair, the makeup. Every individual item is brought together in unison of what is the perfect runway look. What most people forget is that nails are an important factor to the look too. You really think models are walking down the runway in natural nails? I don't think so.

Just like clothes, nail colors and patterns have trends and seasons too. Fashion seasons are always planned at least a year, if not more, in advance, so looking ahead to spring 2019, these are the colors you want to tell your nail artist about:

The first color on the list is by Morgan Taylor. It's called "Could Have Foiled Me" and was used on Rodarte's runway along with other colors in the line such as, "Give me Gold" and "No Way Rosé." These meticulous metallics are great for pop and shine for New Year's if you want to show your fashion-forwardness and debut these spring colors early. Shop them now at Amazon.

At the 3.1 Phillip Lim runway, nail artist Jin Soon used her namesake nail polish color JINsoon "Auspicious" for the models' nails. You can buy this color amongst others in Soon's nail color collection at Nordstrom.

I've been wanting a "sugar daddy," but since I can't find a creepy older man to pay all my bills, I'll just get this nail polish. Essie "Sugar Daddy"-colored nail polish was used for Brandon Maxwell's Texas-themed collection in New York Fashion Week. Only two coats of nail polish were used to give it a slightly edgy and unfinished look. Try this method out and get the polish at Target.

Kith me I'm Greek! Geometric and Greek-inspired designs were seen in the Kith fashion show during New York Fashion Week. The best thing about this is it can be done with any color of your choosing and some meticulously placed nail tape!

Skimp down bare to wear this polish. The Kate Spade collection used one coat of Essie "Skinny Dip" and topped it off with one coat of glittery Essie "Summit of Style" polish for the subliminal finishing touches. Find both these colors and more at Ulta.

I may have exaggerated when I said models never go on the runway without nail polish on, because of the kind of, somewhat do! At Monse, you could see down to the nail bed with a sheer coat on most nails, and accent nails decorated with minimal white polish abstract designs.

In the wise words of Harper's Bazaar, "If you're going to get a pattern on your nails this spring, make it plaid." Lots of versions of plaid nails were seen during the Fashion Weeks, including in the Opening Ceremony.

Should you be tipping your nail girl if you can see through your paint job? The answer is yes – it's abstract, darling. Backstage at Tibi, the nails look unfinished but don't worry, it's supposed to look like that. Barely-there pastels paired with an accented finger and sheer, one-coat nails are all the rage this spring. Fierce length, but soft, see-through colors embody spring 2019 vibes. And at Moschino, you could recreate this scribbled, incomplete look with a sharpie when you're bored in class, but if you want to try it for real, try it with a nail pen for exact messy scribes.

If you're going to get animal print on your nails, get them done how Giana Edwards or Kandalec would do them. Edwards created an abstract zebra print dubbed "twisted zebra" for Christian Siriano's fun, fresh, and animalistic Spring/Summer collection. Kandalec painted cheetah print onto nails with glitter-based polishes from Essie.

Branching off the "more glitz, the better" motto was taken in the most literal sense at Adeam with nails bedazzled with more jewels than Queen Elizabeth owns.

Speaking of royalty, The Blonds had a spectacularly evil show filled with our favorite evil queens, villains, and vixens. From Ursula to Cruella de Vil, to the Queen of Hearts, the 3D nail art was to die for.

Most of these colors and patterns air on the minimalistic and "barely-there" side. This embodies a light, playful spring you're sure to enjoy. Now, go grab a coffee and take a cute picture of your new nails!

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