My Year In Review: Reflecting On 2019
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My Year In Review: Reflecting On 2019

The roaring twenties are back and better than ever.

My Year In Review: Reflecting On 2019
Madelyn Darbonne

Once again, the last twelve months have come and gone in the blink of an eye. With the beginning of 2020 well underway and as I said goodbye to my last "childhood decade", I decided to take some time to reflect back on the whirlwind of a year that was 2019.


Madelyn Darbonne

As the ball dropped marking the official start of 2019, I rang in the New Year celebrating with my family and loved ones. This was the first time I created a New Year's Resolution and saw it through – I was going to lead a healthier lifestyle through mindful eating and regular exercise which, in time, resulted in me losing 25lbs. As January neared its end, Mother Nature decided to give us the unforgettable the Polar Vortex in which Michigan State canceled class for only the seventh and eighth time since the university opened in 1855, most likely my first and last snow days as a Spartan.


Madelyn Darbonne

February was a quiet month, I made a trip home to watch my best friends perform in their high school musical production, received a couple of visits from family members up at State, and celebrated my first long-distance Valentine's Day away from my boyfriend. If there is one thing I have learned, it is to take advantage of your downtime because before you know it you can be swept back into the chaos of life and you will be longing for those seemingly boring lulls all over again.


Madelyn Darbonne

I returned to my hometown for spring break and was blessed with ten days to catch up with friends and family that I never cease to miss while I am away at school. From lunch dates to bowling, nothing makes me happier than being back at home with the people I love. I also reached my first big checkpoint in my New Year's Resolution – I lost 10lbs! My highlight of March was seeing the musical "Miss Saigon" with my boyfriend, a show that we will always hold close to our hearts.


Madelyn Darbonne

One of my favorite memories of 2019 was completing the Izzo Legacy Run 5k with my mom up at Michigan State. It was the first time I ran three miles without having to stop to walk which was a huge accomplishment of mine and having my mom by my side made it even more special. This April was the first (and hopefully last) year I had to spend Easter away from my family, but I was happy to return home a week later to celebrate my boyfriend's sister's marriage.


Madelyn Darbonne

I officially finished my first year of college! I was ecstatic to enjoy three days of summer before starting my Calculus I class (don't ask me how it went). I got a job working with at a doggy-daycare – my first experience having a job that corresponded to one of my passions. I began to learn that summer as an adult is not nearly the same as it used to be when I was a kid, there really are no days off.


Madelyn Darbonne

My mom and I were lucky enough to have ourselves a little weekend getaway to Holland, Michigan. There is nothing more fun than spending a weekend shopping and sight-seeing with your mother. My summer continued to carry on with endless days of working and school.


Madelyn Darbonne

July - the ultimate month of birthdays in my family. Between some of my best friends, dog, aunts, uncles, Nonna, and of course my own, there was always something to celebrate. I got to have my first experience sailing (which I think I actually might not be too bad at). This month has always been the height of the summer filled with family, friends, and a whole lot of fun.


Madelyn Darbonne

Courtesy of my dad, my friends and I got to take a trip to the cutest beach town – Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It was a great way to spend time with some of my closest girlfriends before we all headed our separate ways again back to college. A couple of weeks later, I moved back to East Lansing to start my sophomore year of college. As hard as it is to say goodbye, I was eager to have a fresh start.


Madelyn Darbonne

School carried on as usual, I finished settling in and continued to become more comfortable in my classes and living on my own. This was my first semester as a part of a choir which really showed me how much I missed having music be a prominent part of my life. I received visits from family during tailgate season (the best time of year at Michigan State). And of course, I decided to join the Odyssey community at MSU.


Madelyn Darbonne

October served as quite a turning point in my life, I began to question whether or not I was in the right place with my path of study. I spent a lot of this month feeling lost and confused trying to rediscover exactly who I was if not an aspiring veterinarian. By the end of October, I officially changed my major to Journalism. I am so excited to begin this new pathway following one of my strongest passions when I return to school for the spring semester. My highlight of this month was when I made a trip home to spend time with my mom and we got to do fall-themed activities like pumpkin picking and going to the cider mill.


Madelyn Darbonne

Surrounded by new beginnings in my life, I decided to cut around ten inches off my hair – the first time I had short hair since I was a sophomore in high school. My longing for Thanksgiving break set in as I continued to move through the semester. When I finally returned home, I spent time with my family carrying out some of my favorite traditions. November has always been one of my favorite months.


Madelyn Darbonne

As I finished up my last semester as a science major, at last, I returned home to spend time with my loved ones for the holidays. I was lucky to celebrate my four-year anniversary with my boyfriend, throw a Secret Santa Christmas party with some of my girlfriends, and enjoy the holiday season with countless family gatherings. At the turn of the New Year, I spent my last days of 2019 vacationing in Miami, Florida with my boyfriend and his family. This was my first time experiencing a holiday someplace warm, watching fireworks on the beach at midnight to mark the beginning of 2020.

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