My Worship Experience
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My Worship Experience

Out of all of the ways I have been taught to worship music has been my favorite way to connect with God , but there is no wrong way to worship.

My Worship Experience
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Until about three years ago nobody told me that there was no wrong way to worship. When this notion finally hit me like a brick across my head it all made sense. There are a dozen different ways to worship but each person has found one way more impactful than the others. My personal favorite is musical worship. Over these past three years I have been surrounding myself musical worship. I work at my church as a music department intern , at summer camp I would lead worship , and I have used Spanish music as a tool for worship.

The last two years working with my youth group praise team impacted my life in a different variety of ways. Not only have I been able to pour into the program that I love so much but I have also been able to meet and worship with beautiful people. When I first started this job I had no idea I would be able to impact young kids with worship and that by far is the best part of it all. I adore seeing their faces light up when they know the words to a song or they can dance along to the beat. Also the fellow youth in the program are amazing. They all have brought something new to the program and on days when I think I just can't do this anymore they remind me why I have to pursue. The real rock of this job are the two women I have been blessed to work with Emilee and Catie. These two women have helped me in my life and learning that worship is suppose to be fun. All of the laughs and silly memories will forever hold a place in my heart because they accepted me. They showed me real Christian love.

While most who know me know that camp is my very own safe haven it also allowed me to worship the way I see fit. Counselors are encouraged to lead the campers in song which allows me and my campers to bond over s mutual love for song and dance. The most amazing part of worship at camp is the nights where we stand under the stars and sing to the sound of a guitar playing. One night in a field in Smarr Georgia I was waltzing around the field as the guitar sang its chords. The starts seemed to look down on me and smile as a fully embraced the moment. I felt God on that night through the music which he could have picked just for me.

The other way I love to worship to music is through songs in Spanish. At first it was just because I thought I was the coolest kid in the world for being able to sing with the Spanish in English. Then almost in the blink of an eye I fell hard for the language. I began to use Spanish everyday outside the classroom in order to optimize my chances I being fluent. This leaked over into my worship life. I started looking for my favorite songs in Spanish and it worked. The most impactful seeing Worship Night IN America

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