My Thoughts On Seasons One And Two Of Game Of Thrones
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My Thoughts On Seasons One And Two Of Game Of Thrones

It's been a wild ride so far.

My Thoughts On Seasons One And Two Of Game Of Thrones

As I discussed in my last article, I have a six-week winter break to basically do nothing. Nothing entails countless hours of Netflix or in this case HBO, and boredom. Due to my undying boredom, I have decided to start one of the hardest projects of this day and age: watching Game of Thrones. Now I know I am very late to the game, (LOL) but I just never had the time to sit down and watch it. So I figured now is the time to start. And let me tell you, I have watched the first and second season in its entirety this past week…I have so much to say. So spoiler alert if you have not watched through season two, and bear with me if you are caught up.

Okay, so I shall begin with the House Stark. So obviously, I am rooting for anyone in this house. (Well besides Sansa… but I will get to her later). Lord Eddard Stark, King of the North is such a solid guy. He’s like the ultimate war-vet dad with really good intentions. He’s the type of guy who does all the work and doesn’t get the recognition but doesn’t even care. The way Ned raised his kids with honor and integrity just proves that the Starks should be on the throne. I think Ned should have taken the throne instead of Robert, but he’s too good of a guy to want that glory so like I get it, still love him. When he died I was very sad, but mostly because he still had so much to do with his life…oh well let’s hope he raised his kids well enough to carry out this plan.

When talking about Ned, I can’t forget his wife, Cat. She’s also a solid character with really good intentions. She puts her kids first and is very courageous in a world that doesn’t seem too respectful of women. She also has a lot of connections which is very important in this war. Can I just add that it’s a really good thing Cat is not like her sister Lysa. That lady is nuts. When we are first introduced to Lysa she is literally nursing an eight-year-old. I nearly died. Thankfully Cat was the sane Tully sister.

Robb Stark is a champ. He seems to be doing pretty well in war, and his little love story with Talissa is so cute. I think Robb is a very honorable man like his father, and he seems to be doing really well in battle against the Lannisters, but I worry that he’s too impulsive and not really ambitious enough. If he thinks he’s fighting just to get his sisters back, think again, I don’t think the Lannister’s are going to let that go that easily.

Next in line is Sansa…so much to say. I want to like Sansa, but I just can’t bring myself to respect her. At first, she was such a freaking brat. Like “blah blah Joffrey I love him blahhhhh”. She was literally so annoying and blind. But I guess it is important to remember that she was basically an obnoxious middle schooler at that point and I should cut her some slack. It pissed me off when she didn’t gladly accept the dumb doll that Ned got her right before he died. Don’t be rude Sansa!! I guess I should also consider that Joffrey literally tortures her. It was so disturbing 1. That he killed Ned right in front of her. 2. When he made her stare at his head on a spike, and 3. Tortured her based off of Robb's victories. HOWEVER, she has many opportunities to escape, like Tyrion is literally like “are you happy, I can help you” and she’s all like, “I love my king Joffrey I am happy blah blah”. And also, the Hound (who I might add is also a TRUE SOUL) offered to help her escape. If I were Sansa, and a huge soldier like the Hound offered to protect me and help me escape, I would have no hesitations. I really can’t tell if she won’t leave just because she’s just plain stupid, or because she is truly that afraid of Cersei and Joffrey. Idk, but she needs to figure it out and start showing some Stark.

Arya is a badass and I love her. She is very feisty at the beginning and such a little tomboy, but her resilience and ability to stand up for what she believes in are what’s keeping her alive. She’s going to survive based off of her smarts and true wit and I can’t wait to see her kick some ass in the next few seasons. (also I totally think Tywin knew who she was).

Next is Bram. Bram is another true Stark. In season one he basically gets screwed over because Jamie and Cersei can’t control themselves. But Bram is way smarter than he seems. I was so impressed with how he acted as Lord of Winterfell when Robb had to fight. He was so mature and he really relied on Grand Maestor (BTW I sobbed when he died. Another true soul). Bram is definitely going to come back and save the day. Rickon is really cute, but I don’t know anything about him. But basically, Bram is going to have to raise him so I’m sure he will end up okay, especially with Hodor and Osha protecting them.

Jon Snow. So, there is much to say about this god-like creature. First and foremost, he is utterly gorgeous…and very likable! Jon is Ned’s bastard so he is raised as a Stark. Thanks to the media and some of my friends, I, unfortunately, know the big plot twist of Jon Snow (SPOILER ALERT: IF YOU ARE NOT CAUGHT UP DON’T READ PAST THIS). He is a Targaryen. Since I know this from the beginning, there are many hints that tell you this, (like the all-white Dire Wolf). But besides that, Jon is a really good guy. He goes to the Night’s Watch because he feels out of place which is sad. But while he's there he totally kills it and shows off his fancy sword skills. He is also super strong and brave, and because he was raised by Ned Stark, he is very honorable and full of integrity. I am not quite sure what is going to happen because he is currently under Wildling control because he was too much of a baby and wouldn’t kill Ygritte. But hopefully, that was for a good cause because they like each other.

Theon Greyjoy sucks. I wanted to like him and at first, he isn’t bad. He’s just Robb’s buddy. But then he shows his true colors!! Cat was right never trust a Greyjoy. Theon thinks he is so great for going and “capturing” the north from Bram and Rickon. Like good job! You took a city from two kids! I honestly feel bad for him because he didn’t really have a choice. Like he was Ned’s prisoner, and his dad does hate him, so it’s an awkward middle ground. He just is showing off and going through a little phase right now and I need him to get out of it so he can stop terrorizing people.

Next is the Baratheon clan. King Robert at first seems scary, but then you realize he’s just a big teddy bear who just wants to have a good time, and anyone married to Cersei is likely to also have a mean streak. Robert and Ned are good old buddies from the war and it seems that Robert was a great young war-hero who never grew out of his immature glory, and thanks to him, Ned must go be his hand. So I partly blame Robert’s stupidness for Ned’s death, but what can a guy do, he was just trying to have an ally in a castle filled with the blonde murderers (AKA the Lannisters). Thanks to this fool’s death all hell breaks loose. So thanks for nothing Robert. The other two Baratheons are useless. Renly would have maybe been a good king but he got too greedy and his dumb older brother killed him! Stannis is truly dangerous not because he is a scary and conniving person, but because he is dumb enough to listen to Melisandre. I do not trust this red priestess at all and she messes with that black magic stuff, and we know this can’t be good because look what happen to Dany. Either way, Stannis is never going to get what he wants because he needs Melisandre to tell him what to do and he has no spine of his own, I mean he killed his own brother for no legitimate reason.

Now we are going to move a little south onto House Lannister. Let us begin with Tywin, the patriarch of the psychos. Tywin is a very smart guy and is a skilled soldier. He fought hard in the huge war and he has a lot of money so good for him! I also have a lot of respect for Tywin based on the way he treated Arya when she was his little slave. And as I said before, I am almost positive he knew who she was. I feel like Tywin knows his kids are fools, and he just kind of goes with it and hopes for the best and uses his own power very wisely. He essentially is king. He controls everything the Lannisters do because they are afraid of him, and he is very smart. But he was smart enough not to be king because that would have gotten him killed. I do however hate how he treats Tyrion and for that he does not earn my full approval.

Jamie is the oldest Lannister son. I haven’t quite figured Jamie out yet. The first impression was not very good considering he pushed Bram out a window because Bram saw him having sex with his own sister, but besides that small detail, Jamie has a likable quality to him. He is very arrogant but I can sense vulnerability. Also, he just began his journey with Lady Brienne so hopefully she straightens him out.

Cersei is Tywin’s oldest daughter, King Robert’s widow, Jamie’s twin/lover, and Joffrey’s mother. Cersei is literally scum. I have never encountered a character I hate more than her. I hate her more than Joffrey purely based on the fact that she created him. Cersei is a miserable, cruel, witch who abuses her power. She thinks that she can play the part of the innocent wife and mother, but I think she secretly wants all the power and plays very dirty. Like she was literally about to kill her own kid. Cersei’s intentions are purely motivated by her own self-interest and I have absolutely no ounce of my being that will ever like her. Cersei also needs some serious psychological evaluations. Like she needs to stop hooking up with her relatives. She is in love with her twin Jamie, and while he is away, she hooks up with her cousin Lancel, who might I add, is the same age as her son Joffrey. Cool Cersei, cooooool.

Joffrey is next and he is also the scum of scum. He becomes king way too young. Also, his mother clearly passed down some psychological issues. Like he is a psychopath in the making. Well not in the making because he already is one! He tortures people for fun and gets genuine pleasure out of it. It’s quite sickening to watch and just when you think your capacity for hating Joffrey is full, he surprises you and does something even more disturbing! I can’t wait until he is killed off because he’s not even evil in a fun and entertaining way like most villains. Joffrey is seriously awful and it’s not fun to watch.

Tyrion is the youngest of Tywin’s sons, and he is a dwarf. Tyrion is by far the best character on the show. He is wicked funny and every time he slaps Joffrey an angel sheds a single tear of joy. The greatest part about Tyrion is that he is deeply flawed, but also such a great guy. He acts like he doesn’t care about anything but he’s always down to help the greater cause. He truly is going to win the game of thrones because of his wit and deep desire to genuinely help. Tyrion majorly stepped up as the hand of the king whom Tywin was away, and then he stepped up even more when Joffrey was a complete baby and decided he didn’t want to fight anymore when Stannis invaded King's Landing. I hope that the other sides realize that Tyrion is the good Lannister and give him the credit he deserves.

Finally, is the Mother of Dragons AKA Khaleesi, AKA, Daenerys Targaryen. Dany is super shy and timid at the beginning and you're like oh man I hope she makes it. And then she transforms (with the help of Jorah Mornmount) into a true leader. She and Drogo are so cute together and I love their love story. When he dies, it only makes Dany a stronger leader and I have total faith in her. She made it clear at Quarth that she is not someone to be messed with and I hope she makes a huge army and just beats up the Lannisters…And everyone else, but the Starks and Tyrion.

There you have it: my take on seasons one and two of Game of Thrones. I don’t even know how I will be able to handle the coming emotions in seasons three through six.

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