Must Watch Netflix Shows This Semester
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Must Watch Netflix Shows This Semester

Great Way to Pass the Free Time

Must Watch Netflix Shows This Semester
Netflix College

As a television aficionado, I find myself watching Netflix for a good amount of time. Often times, I get caught up in a show so much that Netflix has to constantly ask if I'm still watching. That's about the time where most people call it a day, but not your boy, I'm in it for the long haul. College students come to realize the amount of down time they have so they often open their laptops to Netflix. The problem is picking a show. That's why I'm here. I'm gonna tell you what shows to watch this semester.

1. "Stranger Things"

A Netflix Original that I've only heard good things about. I haven't watched it yet because I'm saving it for the school year, but I trust the opinions of those around me and everyone says this show is amazing.

2. "Blue Mountain State"

This show is not for the faint of heart. It's raunchy, and crude, so be warned. This show was stopped too soon. It highlights the college life of a second string Quarterback Alex Moran. I strongly suggest you watch this show after a few weeks of college, or else your expectations of college parties will be unattainable.

3. "Lost"

By far one of my top 3 shows ever. I watched it when I was young, but in the druels of February I decided to re-watch it on Netflix. There is nothing wrong with re-watching shows, it brings back some emotional scenes, and you can pick up on things you missed the first time watching. Lost has enough episodes and seasons to keep you busy for a few months. Unless you're like me, who watched 2 seasons in a week and finished the show in a month and a half.

4. "Narcos"

Another show I haven't seen yet, but nothing could go wrong in a show about the world's most famous drug dealer, and the hunt to capture him. There are numerous stories about Pablo Escobar and his wealth, so seeing that stuff recreated via television is a must see.

5. "The Office"

No explanation needed, short episodes that will leave you laughing and wanting more.

6. "Supernatural"

If you're into creepy shows this is for you. Action packed and mysterious, there's plenty of seasons to fill your supernatural needs, so you can watch for months and months.

7. "Grey's Anatomy"

I personally don't watch often, but my girlfriend and friends swear by it. I've seen like 3 episodes and each one has been pretty suspenseful. It's got a bunch of sappy love scenes that I don't care for much, but if you're into that stuff give it a watch.

8. "The 100"

I started this show last year, and was left speechless after many episodes. 100 kids are left to colonize Earth after living in space following a nuclear war. Oh, forgot to mention all these kids are criminals, what could go wrong?

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Allison Fishman

1. Why is Wilson Hall so complicated to navigate? Even as a senior, I still get lost in Wilson. As a freshman, I was warned about the unnecessary complexity of the building, was laughed at by upperclassman for my confused looks on the first day of school and walked and rewalked the whole hall before finding my classroom. #annoying.

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