5 Must-Do's At Disneyland This Halloween Season
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5 Must-Do's At Disneyland This Halloween Season

Trick AND Treat yourself to Disneyland during this "Spooktacular" season filled with Halloweentown vibes, spooky fun and cool rides!

5 Must-Do's At Disneyland This Halloween Season

"Spooky time" has finally filled the streets of Main Street USA and all Disney Parks. The villains are out to play, the wicked treats are back, your evil souvenir bucket and cups are available for purchasing and the Halloweentown pumpkin is out to light the season away. It's almost everyone's favorite time of the year (and besides, soon Christmas joy and spirit will spread around the parks like magic and there'll be even more to find!). Here are five "Must-Do's" you can't miss while being in the parks this Halloween season.

1. Catch all the villains.

Villians out during Mickey's Halloween Party


This. Is. The. Best. Part! Villains can be found here and there around any time of the year, but during Halloween, you get to see villains you probably never even knew were part of the park experience—Jafar, Maleficent, the Stepmother along with her two daughters and more! You're more likely to catch them if you attend Mickey's Halloween Party event around Main Street. If it is during general admission, it may be trickier to see them all. Also, be ready and prepared to feel highly intimidated. Most villains get quite evil. I never thought how serious Maleficent could be until I met her... and Cruella De Vil is just a whole other "sassy" story.

2. Hit the rides "after dark."

'Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy' Edition

After the golden hour (5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.), some rides change to a "spooky" theme. The picture above features "Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy," and it is AMAZING. I went for the first time this year (I know...I've been missing out) and it was crazy! All the special effects, illusions and just the way the ride speeds from side to side in basically complete darkness was so cool. I am not a Halloween fan (although I am writing about Halloween at Disney). I don't do scary things or dress up like bloody scary people, nor do I like going into haunted houses or watching horror movies, but this is the kind of spook I can handle. If you like fast thrill rides, then you will LOVE this one.

Another great Halloween ride at Disney is "Guardians of the Galaxy: Monsters After Dark." In the ride, you are basically making yourself a target for the Monsters in order to save baby Groot. The ride is outstanding. You are up in the air, there's very VERY loud music and the drops are faster than usual.

Last but not least, the most famous ride that goes from Halloween all the way to Christmas season is the "Haunted Mansion: Holiday" ride. This ride is almost one of the main reasons why the park gets so packed. This ride is only up from September to December every year, and is "kid-friendly." Not too scary or too spooky. I would highly recommend catching this ride first or grabbing those fast passes to escape the three-hour wait (p.s. when you hit the huge ballroom during this ride, you'll smell gingerbread from the gingerbread house on their dining table...my favorite part).

3. Collect spooky souvenirs.

Poisoned Apple Cup & the Oogie Boogie Popcorn Bucket

I rarely buy souvenirs like these. I'm the mug type of collector. I have way too many different Disney mugs. However, I just HAD to have this Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket (right). His entire body glows in the dark, and although I am not a villain type of gal, he is definitely a part of my favorite characters list.

The Poison Apple Cup (left) is also a pretty cool souvenir to keep. There's this red one from 2017 in which the white poison would glow in the dark, though it has been replaced this upcoming season (2018). Now the apple is green and instead of the white part glowing in the dark, the entire mug glows. You can get this with pineapple, grapes or even a pickle! This poison apple does also come in a smaller version used as an ice cube that can go in your drinks.

4. See the Halloween fireworks!

It's not the Christmas fireworks show, but the Halloween Screams Fireworks show features almost every single villain you know from all sorts of Disney and Pixar Studio films. With special effects, favorite soundtracks and familiar faces, you get a full 10 minutes of one of the last pieces of entertainment of the day before Disney parks close down. People do start savings seats about two hours after this show starts, so get ready to make time to sit and wait if you want good seats!

5. Go to Mickey's Halloween Party!

Mickey's Halloween Party is a separate event. You can purchase tickets to attend this "party," and they usually cost between $80-$100. This is NOT valid for Annual Passholders or general admission tickets. This is a separate event where more villains come out, special trick-or-treat booths provide candy and almost all the rides have a Halloween theme. You get to see a lot more characters, maybe even some uncommon ones who don't come out unless it's this season. This is a great go-to when you don't have the pass and want to visit on a budget. It is about a six-hour event for one night only, but it's worth the visit if you haven't gone in a while and want to see all the perks!

If you have been wondering what it is like to visit during Halloween, these top five events will definitely be the main attractions! Have fun and Happy Halloween!!

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