Mr. Trump, You Need To Resign If You Hate Being President

Donald Trump, in a recent interview with Time Magazine, had this to say about his first 100 days of being the president of the United States: "This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier. I loved my previous life. I had so many things going."

Really, Mr. Trump? You thought assuming the most important role in our nation's government would be easier than being the star of "The Apprentice" and being a real estate mogul whose empire is worth billions of dollars? You didn't believe you would have to prove millions upon millions of your critics who are the American people wrong about your complete ineptitude of running a country?

Mr. Trump, your ego is your greatest weakness. We were all able to handle it when it came to your incredible run of business failures including Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, and Trump Magazine. I mean who in the hell goes to the Sharper Image or QVC for a high quality piece of meat that you could easily find at a local grocery store at a much inexpensive price? But now your ego is putting our nation at risk for another possible war and has caused our nation to become a laughingstock when it comes to individuals we have as world leaders. Every other nation is going, "the United States of America was that stupid to elect that man president?!"

If you believe being the president of the United States is too hard and you so desire to go back to your previous life, by all means, man up and resign. Sure, you and Richard Nixon would be the only individuals in that bunch, but it would do our nation a huge, significant favor. Huge! I have to warn you that Mike Pence would be an unpopular president as well, but at least he had prior political experience and his unpopularity would be light-years away from your all-time low. You don't like being president and we don't like you being president. It's a win-win situation, which I'm sure you're all too familiar with.

Would I watch "The Apprentice" again if you stopped being president and returned to the show? Absolutely! You may even get better ratings than Arnold Schwarzenegger, like you always said you would. Mr. Trump, you belong back in real estate, reality television, and future, laughable failed business ventures. That's your niche, not politics, much less being the 45th president in our nation's history. Unfortunately, the millions of us failed to realize that during your campaign, during your first 100 days of office, and perhaps we still don't know what to think. Put all of our minds minds at peace and just do the right thing, for once!

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