6 Movies That Talk About Body Positivity
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6 Fantastic, And Not-So-Fantastic, Shows And Movies That Address Body Positivity

I recommend every one of them for you to see for yourself

6 Fantastic, And Not-So-Fantastic, Shows And Movies That Address Body Positivity

In this day and age, there are so many political statements and comments on societal norms incorporated into the media. Specifically, in television shows and movies, there are so many opportunities to project an image of people who love their bodies.

1. "Insatiable"

Here's the thing about this series: it fat-shames. This show isn't about loving your body for how it is, it's about being fat-shamed and into eventually losing a lot of weight. Even when the main character becomes a smaller dress size, she still feels inadequate and has the need to prove herself to others. The only redeeming quality is that this can be seen as a dramatized criticism of fat shaming that still goes on in society.

2. "Dumplin’"

This new Netflix movie follows the journey of Willowdean Dickson, otherwise known as Dumplin' by her mom, while she enters into a pageant with 3 of her friends to protest the societal norms of pageant girls. Willowdean and her friends show us that with the right role models and perseverance, there's nothing you can't take on.

3. "Sierra Burgess is a Loser"

This movie may promote rejection of social roles with how Sierra Burgess is accepted by the "popular" girl and the (totally cute) quarterback from a rival high school, but it definitely has its drawbacks. Sierra doesn't want this boy to know it is her he's actually talking to because she doesn't think he'll be interested…she's a catfish. Spoiler alert because she ends up with the boy! This movie literally PROMOTES catfishing. It tells its viewers that, "no worries that you made this convoluted plan with another girl to trick a boy into thinking she is you, you can still end up dating him and live happily ever after!"

4. "Insecure"

Everyone has insecurities, and this show allows us to relate. You can seem put together and confident on the outside, but everyone can doubt themselves. This shows really advocates both diversity and accepting your body and quirks.

5. "Dietland"

This series delves into not just body image, but also unrealistic beauty standards and misogyny. Given the name of the show, it seems to be only about one woman's journey to lose weight and fit the idealistic dress size, but it teaches its audience so much more.

6. "GLOW"

This show is all about empowering women and demonstrates that with the diverse cast. These women don't gain power from being on a runway, they take to the ring. They show that being fierce and able to take on anything comes from within yourself.

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