After years of going through YouTube and Instagram makeup tutorials, Morphe has installed into my vocabulary.

Morphe is a makeup brand that creates amazing makeup palettes and brushes as well. The brand is made popular by the YouTube beauty community as the brand promotes collaborations with famous YouTubers.

One day as I go into ULTA with my family a makeup palette, especially that neon green color attracted my eye. I figured out it was Morphe's Boss Mood Artistry Palette.

The Boss Mood Artistry palette has 35 colors as shades range from red, oranges, greens, browns, and purples to satisfy your summer look from a natural eye look for the day to a dramatic look for the night.

The mattes feel so velvety on my fingers when applied to my eyes it felt like butter. The shimmery shades made putting on makeup feels like putting on eyeshadow for the first time. The duo chromes? They all changed my life.

Now let's talk about the Morphe palettes in general.

Most of Morphe's palettes contain ranging from 10-35 colors for around $10-$30 a palette. For the price, it's definitely a steal for 35 colors for less than $1 a color. palettes are stored in a slim case, which is perfect for traveling around if you don't want to carry like 3 palettes (for me I don't mind carrying a lot of palettes) bulky.

Morphe palettes are perfect for college students that want to have many color options but something affordable and less bulky.

The application for Morphe palettes? They are indeed pigmented quality regarding the price, even though for some colors you will need to build up the colors.

Overall, Morphe changed my life as a college student and I look forward to purchasing more palettes as the seasons, or my mood, change whatever comes first.