If you're over 22 this article may be painful to read. We millennials have taken over the internet with our memes. Everything is a "mood." We have the worst slang terms in history. Most of them don't make sense. If you can't relate to this article I'm sorry but thank you, next.

1. You're doing amazing, sweetie.

You can't be a millennial if you haven't said this to a friend who is CLEARLY not doing great.

2. Aesthetic.

Having an aesthetic in 2019 is 100% a must.

3. Big dick energy.

Let's just say big or small, this is not the kind of energy you want to be supporting in 2019.

4. Can't relate.

Millennials can't relate to anything unless it has to do with being broke or depressed to be honest.

5. Ya'll need Jesus.

You know you support your crazy friends but you also know they need Jesus.

6. Mood.

Every tweet, every meme, is a whole mood. Especially if Michael Scott is in it.

7. She thicccc.

It's all about being thicker than a bowl of oatmeal these days ladies and gents.

8. Daddy.

Calling him daddy until I die... I mean that's what the kids are saying these days.

9. That's so extra.

You'll call yourself out for being too extra sometimes... but at least you're aware!

10.  Canceled.

You can be extra. But if you're extra, you're cancelled. 2019 is complicated I know.

11.  Not to be dramatic but...

This is the kind of content we like to see on our feeds!

12.  I feel you.

2019 is cool because all the legacies are on Twitter being friends. Satan and Sunny D? Hell yeah! I feel that bro!