All Things Middle School: A Tribute
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Student Life

All Things Middle School: A Tribute

Here's to you, Aéropostale tee-shirts.

All Things Middle School: A Tribute

Ah, the good ol' days. Who could possibly forget the glory days of AOL Instant Messenger and trying on Abercrombie light wash jeans? Hating your parents was considered cool and school dances were the events of the year. And if you didn't hang out at the mall, then what were you actually doing with your life? Here's to the best--er, the most awkward of times.

1) Trying to wear makeup, but failing miserably. Who could have possibly known that wearing intensely heavy black eyeliner was a bad call? It's okay. Don't blame yourself. We can move past this.

2)Having a boyfriend that you never actually talked to. You complimented his Hollister t-shirt. He said he liked your pukka-shell necklace. Sometimes you waved to each other in the hallway. True love. <3

3)Hollister, Abercrombie, and Aéropostale tee-shirts. This was the epitome of high fashion. Your swag could not be matched. You were unstoppable. s0 fiErCe, g!rl.

4) Talkin lyke dis. I blame AIM and Motorola Razrs for this. RIP, proper grammar. We will never forget.

5) Changing the color bands on your braces. Pink and purple, please. I have a school dance to attend tomorrow and I have to look HAWT.

6) The awkward phase. Must I elaborate any further? Please pause for a moment of silence.

7) Parting your hair down the middle. What are bangs? What are layers? What is hair? Also refer to number 6.

8)Listening to music that sparked your preteen angst. "This 'My Chemical Romance' CD is my life. Mom and dad just don't understand."

9) Bathroom mirror selfies. Taken on the pink Motorola Razr your parents got you for Christmas. Peace signs may or may not have been included in said photos.

10) Your first email address. "My email address? I thought you'd never ask! It's"

11) THE MALL. The place made of dreams and Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappuccinos. The only acceptable place to hang out (with your mom chaperoning you from a safe distance). Robin Sparkles would approve.

12) Relating to "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide." It's like, he knew what you were going through. What a guy.

Thank you, memory lane. Don't mind me--I'll be in my room cringing for the next three hours.

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