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I'm Anjika. 19 and currently learning how to do life.

I was sitting on my study table brainstorming about what I should write in this article and 5 hours later.....I finally have something.

Here's presenting... 25 Fun Facts about Me aka Anjika! ( Uh, I feel like a Youtuber)

1. I'm left-handed (not-so-fun fact)

2. I have a really really bad sound phobia..... balloons/thunder included!

3. I CANNOT watch natural disaster scenes on TV, specially tsunamis/floods.

4. ^ Is the reason why I haven't watched the whole Titanic movie, ever.

5. I'm an Empath. I feel mine AND other people's emotions too deeply. Social situations can be emotionally and physically exhausting.

6. I CANNOT stand the smell of red meat. It makes me want to throw up ( I'm vegetarian, maybe that's why.)

7. I make puns every second of the day....... and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who finds them funny.

8. I can't binge watch shows. I don't use Netflix as much as everyone else on this....planet?

9. I don't think I've ever completed a TV series( F R I E N D S but I won't count it.) ..... not even Game of Thrones.

10.I absolutely LOVE watching travel vlogs! I hope to travel the world one day.

11. My hair is so thick that one time I went to a salon, they charged me double because they had to use 2.5x the amount of shampoo!

12. Shampooing my main takes me 2 hours. ( It's so tiring, I take a post-shower nap sometimes. I know, right!)

13. I am a Manifestor.

14. Firmly believe in the Law of Attraction.

15. I am always drinking water. (Stay hydrated, ya'll.)

16. I'm super into Astrology and currently trying to learn more about Psychic Mediumship and EFT Tapping! ( It's really interesting.)

17. I buy clothes without trying them on....they fit perfectly most of the time!

18. I CANNOT fake my feelings or hide my emotions.

19. I'm SO bad at lying.

20. I can rap/beatbox.

21. I am addicted to coffee. Can't go a day without it. ( Maybe I should replace it with green tea or something? I don't know... be healthy?)

22. Drinking too much milk makes me want to throw up but ^^( oh, well)

23. My grandma told me that I should believe in Angels....

24.. That is how I started believing in myself.

25. I hated wearing full pants/jeans until I was like ... 12. I only wore dresses before that.

26. I was never rebellious; but now I'm trying to be. :)

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